Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Latest

Very pretty Pink Shell Power Y tank.

 Power Up Tank and Astro Wunder Under Crops. I forgot to look for this tank to try on today.

The silver Runder Under LS.

The Special Edition Lux Uba Hoodie, or, as my friend Ms. S. calls it, the Hefty Bag Hoodie. I did not see this one today, either.

Today's Shopping Trip

I tried on quite a few of the new things today. First up was the new Silver Luon Shape Jacket. It fits lot bigger than it used, particularly through the upper arms, shoulders, and chest. This jacket used to be a definite size-up item when it was out a few years ago but now I'd say it fits True To Size. Even though it's super short the fit is very flattering and much better than the boxy Forme jacket. If you are on the petite side and used to find Defines too long for you definitely check out the Shape. I kind of like the blingy zipper on them, too. The silver luon fabric is thicker than cheap thin luon they are using in the Forme. The price is rather off-putting at $128 for such a basic jacket but the silver is a nice feature and does work when it comes to killing odor.

I also tried on the Lustrous crops and really liked them. If you have a meaty booty and legs I think you might like these crops. The waistband is also nice - high and wide. They were super comfortable and reminded me a lot of Wunder Under Grooves. I thought the luon fabric was ok in them - not scratchy and thin. If I get a gift card for Christmas I might get the black pair. I also tried on the Laceoflage print ones for kicks. It was definitely not for me. The print grayed out as it stretched over my legs.

QC sticker on the Power Up crops

I also tried on the Power Up crops and liked them. If I had to choose one or the other I'd go with the Lustrous because of the comfy waistband but these weren't bad. They are made of silver luon so feel a bit tighter and the fabric feels kind of spongy, which is how the silver luon felt to me last year. It's a bit thicker so has decent coverage.

I also tried on the white herringbone Wunder Under crops and really liked how soft and stretchy they were. The thicker fabric and texture smooth over imperfections. Contrary to early reports I did not find these crops at all sheer.

I ended up getting the black Don't Hurry Be Happy today. I exchanged the St. Moritz turtleneck I bought a week or so ago. I wasn't expecting to get it but I tried it on and liked it. I bought the Ghost DHBH last year but sold it a few weeks ago since I didn't wear it much and DHBHs were going for big $ on eBay. Anyway, I am going to give the DHBH another try. One issue I had with the Ghost is that I had to wash it after every wearing since I always got it dirty. I'm hoping to avoid that with the black this time. I've read reviews that say the running luon portions aren't as soft as last year's. That may be true but it's thicker than last year's, I think. I also think the body part feels as soft as last year's but some people are saying it was soft last year. The black is still pretty soft, IMO.

Comparison - Pink Shell to Bubbilicious

I remembered to take my Bubbilicous headband with me to the store so I could compare it to Pink Shell. It's quite a bit lighter. I'm trying to remember what old color comes closest to Shell Pink. Maybe Paradise but I think Shell Pink is pretty unique for lulu.

Paradise/Kiss Chipper Print Move Tank

What the Hard Core Lulu Fans Are Saying About the Latest

From a post on one of my lulu Facebook discussion boards:

I think we need a moment of silence to observe the death of good design.
  • Ummmmmm???? .... hmmmmmm. I'm kind of stumped by this ... no witty wisecracks, no digs, just pure confusion. I need a moment of silence.
  • Absolutely tragic. *Taps playing in background*
  • That's how I felt with the beaming blue Daily Yoga jacket. It's like they're taking inspiration from Hot Dog on a Stick uniforms and Captain EO shoulders.
  • I have no words  
  •  Barf
  • Oh I like it. Not!!!!
  • Can someone tag Jane Jetson? I believe this is her jacket
  • ewwww 
  • All it needs is shoulder pads.
  • Okay I do have some
  • Michael J Fox called and he wants that jacket to go with his dolorian... HELP we've been transported back to shinny sparkle spandex and the 80's!!
  • Ladies, I think we have officially jumped the shark 
  • One word friends: Athleta.
  • I can't stop looking at this pic. It's so horrible I can't stop! I just don't understand these colors.
  • Bahahahahahaha
  • It's like a jacket fashioned out of wrapping paper scraps 
  • I think I just threw up a little in my mouth
  • It makes me too dizzy to actually get a clear description. Words fail me. That in itself is note worthy ...
  • Lulu needs to drug test their design team. Then send them to rehab.
  • I have no words
  • Who's setting their alarm for this one? 
  • Blech!
  • oh man...
  • Looks like a modern star trek uniform. All she needs is the little button thing they push to say "beam me up scotty!"
  • I keep coming back to this post trying to think of maybe one positive thing to say....but really there is nothing! It looks like seniors leisure so bad!
  • I think that's it. I don't think this jacket is ugly or anything but it doesn't have a youthful or sporty look to it all. This would never catch my eye, that's for sure.
  • Maybe if we stare The black and mint pattern long enough, we will see a face or a secret message....or the fashionable Ikea monkey!
  • I think a monkey in this jacket just might make it look better .... and it would definitely explain a lot. 

Beaming Blue Scoop Neck Tank and More

Beaming Blue Scoop Neck Tank and Wunder Unders

Chevron/Herringbone Astro Pants.

Pink Shell Forme Jacket. Shown with the white Herringbone Wunder Unders in the bottom photo.

Laceoflage Lustrous Crops looks - Beaming Blue Scoop Neck, Love Red Scoop Neck, and Pink Shell Cool Racerback.