Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NEW! Heart Rate Monitor All Sport Bra

New Heart Rate Monitor All Sport Bra. The text doesn't say which brand of HRM this works with. I guess I'd assume Polar but I will update. This is from an Australian product notice email. I'd be more excited if they put the HRM on a Ta Ta Tamer since I use an All Sport for low impact only.

Power Up Tank and More

The first photo I've seen of the new Power Up tank. It looks ok to me.  I'm hoping to visit the stores tomorrow to check out the new stuff. Also shown is the Pink Shell Forme Jacket and Astro Wunder Under crops.

White herringbone Wunder Unders. I am reading these are kind of sheer so do a bend over test. Shown with the Pink Shell Forme Jacket. Could that zipper look any cheaper?  Bring back the colored zippers!

From Australia, the Burning Yellow Cool Racerback. Who knows when or if this will hit North America. I hope it does because lulu rarely does a true yellow. I am not thrilled with Australia getting the latest stuff before we do.

New Ice Queen pants in the black and white stripe. Shown with the U-Turn Pullover.

Photos of the new Special Edition Uba Hoodie.

Beaming Blue Striped Scuba Stretch, Power Up Crop, and Chevron Scoop Neck Tank.

More from Australia, Mint Moment Power Y, Inspire Crops, and Cool Racerback.

Men's Trainer Jacket in White.

 Mens Softshell Chillstop Hoodie and Pant.

Mens Running Luon Speed LS.

Shell Pink Forme Jacket and More

New Pink Shell Forme Jacket. I am really bummed this isn't a Define. The Forme is just so thin and cheap feeling.

Shell Pink Cool Racerback and Lustrous Crops.

Astro Wunder Under Crops with the Beaming Blue Power Y

Bold in the Cold LS

Silver Luon Shape Jacket and Power Up Crops

 Lustrous Crops

Pink Shell Scuba Stretch Hoodie

Arrow Chevron print Scoop Neck and Power Up Crops.

The new Pink Shell Toiletries kit. I know a few pinkaholics lusting for this.

Pink Shell - True Color Representation

Pink Shell has been looking washed out in all the photos I have seen of it. This is more like what it looks like in real life, what I would consider a "barbie" pink.

Australian Heads Up - Not So Basic Short Sleeve Tee

A very interesting new product has shown up on the Australian side, the Not So Basic Short Sleeve tee made of silverescent sheer luon (thanks to the reader who pointed this out). I really like the classic, clean style and the new material is intriguing. I love sheer luon for hot days or hot workouts. I never thought silverescent was all that but it works really well to negate odors. It definitely comes in handy for training on a vacation.  This top also comes in Light Flare. The only issue is that it's $85 AUD so I assume it will run around $68 when it hits North America.

why we made this

This shirt was designed to keep us comfortable in all our sweaty pursuits - whether we're running, spinning or hitting the mat, we want a layer that won't weigh us down. We pull it on over our favourite tank for a little added warmth and coverage. When it's time to wash (the shirt not ourselves), anti-stink fibres help keep it fresh.

key features

  • lightweight, breathable Silverescent Sheer Luon is great for layering
  • anti-stink fibres in the fabric don't hold on to smell post-wash
  • the deep scoop-neck gives your chest some breathing room
  • reflective locker loop in the back makes this shirt easy to hang

 Hideous Mint Moment Forme Jacket.

Burning Yellow

Mint Moment

Polar Haze/Black Sea Stripe
The new Cool Racerbacks. I definitely want Burning Yellow and maybe the Polar Haze Sea Stripe, though it is a bit piratical. Mint Moment will wash me out so that's a pass.

There are a couple of new Silverescent Luon Bangbusters on the Australian site. They are $5 more than the regular Bangbusters. Not sure I want to pay $19 for a headband. Both headbands are now $15 AUD.

Ikea Monkey Photobomb

Did anyone notice an addition to the jacket banner on the lululemon website? I missed it but sharp-eyed Ms. C. spotted it. It's the monkey that was found running around a Toronto Ikea store parking lot. Too funny, lulu.