Monday, December 10, 2012


New Power Up Tank

A nice upload tonight. I hope everyone got their Don't Hurry Be Happy. I ordered the Shell Pink Cool Racerback and a Shell Pink Bangbuster.

What did you all order?

Pink Shell Cool Racerback (Updated)

Pink Shell Cool Racerback (I think), Strike Tight, and Silver Luon Shape Jacket. I definitely want that CRB if it shows up tonight.

Silver Luon Power Up Crop, Pink Shell Cool Racerback, and St. Moritz Sweater.

 Pink Shell CRB (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.)

Power Up Crop, Shape Jacket, Lustrous Crop, and More

Power Up Crops and Laceoflage CRB (I think). The Power Up crops are made with silver luon.

White Silver Luon Shape Jacket and new Take Me With You Tote in Shell Pink/Black.

 Black Silver Luon Shape Jacket and Laceoflage Lustrous Crop.

NEW! Lustrous Crop, Power Up Crop, Shape Jacket is Back and More

 New Lustrous Crop

Lustrous Crop shown with a Silver Luon Shape Jacket. I wonder if they fit to the Shape has changed at all. It used to run a size small.
The Blue Crops are new Power Up Crops. They are made of silver luon and are anti-stink. The Laceoflage are Lustrous Crops. The white jacket is a Shape Jacket, also made of silver luon.

The Power Up Crops in black.

 Interesting Black and Polar Combo - Draft Dodger Jacket with coordinating Ice Queen Pants.

The new Scoop Neck tanks in Black, Laceoflage print, and Love Red.

New holiday shopper totes are out.

Australian Heads Up and New SE Uba Hoodie is Coming

From Australia - new Inkwell Cool Racerback and Polar Haze/Black (I think) Wunder Under crops. The crops are kind of fun. Not sure when North America will see this.

Found on eBay last night - a new Inkwell and white (I think ) striped U-Turn Pullover from an Australian seller.

A new Special Edition Uba Hoodie is coming out. This has the Luxchange hood. Based on how the other Luxchange items are moving I'd say the idea of an interchangeable hood on $200+ jackets went over like a lead balloon. I wonder how insanely priced this jacket will be.