Friday, December 7, 2012

Polar Cream Don't Hurry Be Happy and More

The Polar Cream Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover. Looks just like last year's Ghost to me. These are hitting the stores in the US. If you want one you better high tail it to your store quickly. They are selling fast.

 Beaming Blue Scuba and Classic Stripe Black and White Cool Racerback tank.

 Polar Cream Lace print Swiftly SS and Laceoflage Speed Shorts.

Speedy Turtleneck in Polar Cream/White (it's not very pretty in person) and the Laceoflage Speed shorts.

Today's Shopping Trip

Bold in the Cold LS

The logo is on the left sleeve.
Bold in the Cold LS in Polar Cream and Black/Black Pique

I went to the store today to pick up a couple more Hot Cheeks skirts for my sister. Her local store in Oregon was out of them in her size and she is loving the skirt for her cold weather runs. While I was there I got to try on a few on the latest cold weather things. I tried on the new Bold in the Cold LS in the black and really liked it. It's made of brushed tech fleece in the body and arms were made of pique running luon. It's super soft and very cozy. I'd probably love it better without the back pleat and the big old reflective panel but it's not a deal breaker. The price is a bit daunting, especially considering the new Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover is $20 less. I like this top but will wait for it to hit the markdown rack. It's a loose fitting TTS. I love to see more apres-style tops (with no stripes or color blocking, please) made from this brushed microfleece.

Bold in the Cold Run Pant

I also tried on the Bold in the Cold softshell/tech fleece pant. I thought these felt really warm and would be great for those who live in cold climates especially compared to the brushed luxtreme Ice Queen pants. I think the Bold in the Colds felt on the looser side, though.

Speedy Turtleneck

I also tried on the Speedy Run Turtleneck. I liked it. This running luon is on the thinner side, kind of like my older rulu pullovers. I thought it fit a figure hugging TTS. I especially like that there is no color blocking on it.

St. Moritz Sweater

I liked the feel of the cable knit part of the St. Moritz sweater and wish the whole thing was cable knit, or at least the front and back. I also wish it was a little longer. Easy pass.

I tried on the new Laceoflage Scoop Neck tank and really liked it. Before they disappeared I thought the Scoop Necks were starting to fit me oddly in the bust but this one was fine. This is a print so the material has a high poly content. I didn't think it was scratchy at all. Man, I really missed the Scoop Necks.