Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Australian Heads Up

New Polar Haze Stripe Cool Racerback. If this is Polar Haze and Inkblot I might have to have it once it hits North America.

Black and White Classic Stripe Cool Racerback. I believe this tank is in North America now. I'll have to see this in person. It could have a referee vibe about it.

 Light Flare/Inkwell Back on Track Tank. Not really loving a lot of this stuff so far.

 Mint Moment Groovy runs.
The Love Red Scoop Neck Tank. This tank is in North America, I believe.

New Chevron Devotion SS.

The Mint Moment Class Stripe Nothing But Run Jacket. 

The Latest

Speedy Turtleneck and matching Bold in the Cold Pant.

The new Pique/Mini Check Runder Under LS tops.

Lots of Draft Dodger jacket photos. I'm hoping to try this on tomorrow. I know my stores got it.

Reflective Bundle Up.

Polar Cream Swiftly SS Print and More

New Laceoflage print Polar Cream Swiftly SS top. Shown with the Laceoflage Speed Shorts.

 Bold in the Cold Pants and Bundle Up Jacket.

Laceoflage Speeds and Toasty Tech Pullover

New colors in the Toasty Tech Tights.

Laceoflage Run For Your Life crops.

Bundle Up and More

More Reflective Bundle Up photos.

 Miracle Jacket

Lace detail on the Speedy Turtleneck.

Speedy Turtleneck and More

The Beaming Blue Speedy Turtleneck.

Draft Dodger

Bundle Up
Draft Dodger, Miracle Jacket, Bundle Up
Miracle Jacket

The three new high -priced jackets - Draft Dodger, Reflective Bundle Up, and the Miracle Jacket.

Run: Bold in the Cold Pants.

Bliss Pink Scuba Stretch

Free to Be Tank and Top Speed Crops
Free to Be Tank and Yoga Camp Crop
From Australia - a new Free to Be tank in Light Flare/Inkwell and Inkwell bottoms in the Top Speed Crop and Yoga Camp Crop. New yoga mat bag in the Spring Has Sprung Multi Pattern.