Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today's Shopping Trip - St. Moritz Jersery Love (Plus Beaming Blue Comparisons)

I went to the store today to hunt down the Beaming Blue Cool Racerback (they didn't have it) but ended up leaving with the St. Moritz Jersey in black. I had heard it was really soft but was skeptical since the Pitter Patter Pullover felt rough and scratchy to me. Well, the St. Moritz Jersey is very soft and not scratchy. It's very thin and figure hugging. It's also nice and long. I've been toying with getting a lightweight merino wool top for a long time now but have never pulled the trigger on one. I'm really glad lululemon came out with this one. It's nice and long and has thumbholes in the sleeves. The neck part is on the snug side, one ed told me she sized up because of that, but I grew up in upstate New York wearing turtlenecks all the time so it doesn't bug me. I'm excited to break this out for my son's winter and spring soccer season as well as ski trips and visits to colder locations. I can tell this is a piece I will get a lot of use out of. It's too bad they colored blocked the blue in this otherwise I would have considered getting that one.

I also bought the Beaming Blue Bangbuster headband. I really like this blue and am definitely getting the CRB in it. This photos shows the headband sitting on top of Sprinkler (left), Wish (right), and Porcelaine (bottom headband).

 Beaming Blue Forme Jacket on top of a Snorkel CRB with a Sprinkler Flow Y peeping above. (Thanks to Ms. H.).

 Ocean Wunder Unders left, Beaming Blue Will Pants on the right. (Thanks to Ms. A.)

Burning Yellow Swiftly

Another photo from Australia. I believe this is a Swiftly Tank in Burning Yellow. Not sure if North America will get this since Swiftly tanks are considered a warm weather item even though, as one of you pointed out, gyms are the same temperature all year long. If it comes to us, I definitely want it.


A few new things have been added to the website. Nothing to tempt me tonight. There is also some new We Made Too Much.