Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Australian Heads Up

The Pump It Up Tank and Reflect Crop. Tank is Mini Moment/ Classic Black and White Stripe.

The bra snaps into the tank so it totally comes apart. I wonder how much extra this will be. The more complex tanks are already $64.

The back of the tank is made of circle mesh.The front is ultra light swift.

 Run Roll Down shorts in Light Flare/Inkwell.

Some details on the Run: Reflect Crops

New Light Flare / Inkwell Cool Racerback. I  think I'm going to pass on this one unless I decide I need some teamwear for my alma mater.

 New Burning Yellow Pump It Up shorts. I kind of like this yellow. The problem with colors like this, Love Red, and Limitless is that I don't have much to coordinate with them. No jacket to really make them pop.

 Some close ups of the Spring Has Sprung Multi print. I'll have to see this one in person.

Quilted waistband gives us hints of more patterns to come.

Laceoflage Scuba, Silver Grooves, Steadfast Crops, and More

The new Laceoflage print Scuba Stretch hoodie. I just love the hoodie in this print. I know I won't be able to keep the cuffs clean, though.

Laceoflage Scuba Stretch and Silver Luon Groove pants.

Good view of the front

With the White/Polar Cream Forme Jacket
Lots of Steadfast Crop photos.

 The Beaming Blue Power Y

 Black/Silver Slate Striped Power Y

 Pretty Laceoflage Groove Pants.

The new White/Polar Cream FormeJacket and Steadfast Crop

More Beaming Blue Daily Yoga Jacket

 Beaming Blue Laceoflage Free to Be tank and Clarity Boogie Shorts.

 Beaming Blue Forme Jacket.

Black and White Striped No Limit Tank and Beaming Blue Reversible Wunder Unders

NEW B&W Stripe Scuba, White Forme, and More

New Classic Black and White stripe Scuba Stretch.

 The Beaming Blue Daily Yoga Jacket. This reminds me of barber shop quartet shirts.

 New Clarity Yellow and Shell Pink Post Savasana bags.

A new white Forme Jacket. Not sure what the shoulders are - Polar Cream?

 The Coco Pique Daily Yoga jacket. It still like this.

 From Australia the Pump It Up Tank and Relfect Crops. I'm not sure about that print. I think I would quickly tire of it.

New Beaming Blue U-Turn Pullover.

The other new Fireplace Jersey color we've been seeing. I think this is Silver Slate.