Monday, November 26, 2012

More of the Latest

Beaming Blue Laceoflage Free to Be tank and Skinny Will pant.

 Close up of the Laceoflage print.

St. Moritz Jacket, Skinny Will pant, Laceoflage Free to Be tank.

 The pink and white Vinyasa scarf.

The Latest

The Chalet look: Fireplace Jersey, Coco Wunder Unders, Chalet Keep Your ___ Cozy - Hat, Scarf and Legwarmers.

 The new Vinyasa scarves. I like the chevron print one a lot.

The more I see of the coco Wunder Unders the more I want them. I need to feel them up first.

Apres Sickie Scarf and Skinny Will Pants.

St. Moritz Jacket with Chalet Hat and Scarf.

 The Hot Cheeks Skirt with the Toasty Tech tights and pullover.

 Skinny Will pant and new Silver Slate and Heathered Black Slope Stripe Power Y.

Ribbed Cool Racerback and Strike Tights.

From what I understand there will be an upload tonight.

My New Precious

I finally got my grubby hands on the technical shirt that the staff got to wear for the Sea Wheeze. Volunteers got Five Year Tees with the same logo and staff got Metal Vent Tech shirts and Cool Racerbacks.  I really hope lululemon decides to offer a technical shirt to racers at the event and consider making a Swiftly tee or tank (since it's a summer race) with the Sea Wheeze race logo and info the entry giveaway for the ladies. I know I will be wearing this shirt a lot when I train. My husband wears his race shirts when he runs and I see a ton of people wearing their race shirts when they are out training or just out and about. A technical tee is free race promotion so I don't see the downside of plopping the race info on the giveaway or at least some of the technical gear for sale.

The Cool Racerback the staff got to wear had the fish on the front and looked like the top photo on the back. If anyone is tired of theirs and has a size 10 or 12 in good shape they'd like to get rid of and make some extra cash for the holidays contact me at I will not publish that anyone sold me this, I will not wear it at the 2013 Sea Wheeze (I'll have some new Disney race shirts to wear by then), and will take your name with me to the grave. It will be our little secret and you will be my new BFF.  ;-)

Chalet Items, St. Moritz Jackets, Will Pants, and More

Apres Sickie

 Apres Mitt Warmers

 Chalet Keep Your Head Cozy

Chalet Keep Your Neck Cozy

Chalet Keep Your Legs Cozy

St. Moritz Jackets, shown with Skinny Will Pants.

Skinny Will Pant. Shown with the Ribbed Cool Racerback. I want to give these new Will pants a try on.

New Cool Racerback in the Laceoflage print. It's very pretty in the Free to Be tank but I always end up selling my black and white print tops.

The Beaming Blue Laceoflage Power Y.

NEW! Steadfast Crop

New Steadfast crop. I'm not getting why if I'm feeling modest enough to cover my rear that I'd want my crotchatorial region to show.

Our signature, moisture wicking luon® fabric has four-way stretch that moves with you The skirt is made with breathable and moisture-wicking luon® light Low rise, tight-fitting The smooth, flat waistband has a pocket for your yoga pass or gym card Preshrunk