Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Strike Tight and More

I like the looks of these new Strike Tights. I have to make sure to remember to try them on next time I am in the store.

 High waisted Wunder Unders.

More Take Me With You and Shower cube photos.

Bliss Pink Stripe Vinyasa and More of the Pique Wunder Unders

Another new Vinyasa color spotted. I think this is the new Bliss Pink that has been listed in the product notices. It looks like this might be made of rulu but it's hard to tell from this photo. (Thanks to Ms. S. for the photo.)

Some more photos of the new textured Wunder Under Pants. The color for the ones on the left are CSTB and the right are CPBL (coco pique black). (Thanks to Ms. C. for the photos.)

Manifesto Shirts are Back and More

Love Red slub denim Daily Yoga jacket. I like this one.

New mens Mission Pant. I really like the looks of these a lot. I want my husband to try them on.

New Speed Sleeve rulu top for the guys. I like it.

The long sleeve manifesto shirts are back. I have one and love it but they are delicate and prone to pilling. I got mine for a very good markdown.

 The Coco/Black Pique Wunder Pants.

Two New Wunder Under Pant Piques/Textures

Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo. I'm assuming the one on the right is the new Coco/Black Pique. I'm not sure what the one on the left is. This is from a Canadian store. I have not see any of my US emails showing the new Coco pique WUs at all, nor the Limitless Blue CRB for that matter.

NEW Laceoflage Back on Track Tank, Beaming Blue Vinyasa, Strike Tight, and More

Cute new Laceoflage and black Back on Track Tank.

The new Beaming Blue stripe Vinyasa scarf.

 Love Red Slub Denim Daily Yoga Jacket, Take Me With You Tote, and Beaming Blue Vinyasa.

 Limitless Blue Cool Racerback. Has anyone seen this in a US store yet?

 The new Strike Tight with the Limitless Blue No Limit Tank.

The caption said this was a Coal and Black striped Power Y. Looking at the photo I'm thinking maybe more like Silver Slate and Black but I'll update when I find out for sure.

Shown with Groove pants in Limitless Blue. Check out the shower cube size relative to the tote.

The Laceoflage Free to Be Tank. I saw this yesterday. The background is an off-white, maybe Polar Cream and the print is very pretty. The store didn't have my size otherwise I would have tried it on.

The latest No Limit Tank colors.

More Shower cube photos.

More Hot Cheeks photos. Shown with Run For Your Life Crops.