Monday, November 12, 2012


Interesting new Down to the Studio Jacket, $298. It doesn't look very practical since it doesn't cover very much in the front.

Merino wool Pitter Patter pullover, $158. Rather dull for the price. I don't like to two-tone look in the back.

 The black Herringbone Wunder Unders were tempting. I'd like to try these in the store.

New Daily Yoga in Love Red denim uploaded to the Canadian side.

Nothing for me tonight. Did you order anything?

Flip Not Flop Tank, Color Blocked Wunder Unders, Flip Up and out Pant, and More

New Flip not Flop Tank and color blocked Wunder Unders. I like the tank on this woman.

Two more Flip Not Flop tank photos. The second shows it with the Flip Up and Out pants which you can wear up or down.

Shown with the Barre Pulse Pant (I think)

Shown with the new Post Savasana Bag, $48

New Breathe Easy bra. It's shown in all but the top photo with the Flip Up and Out pant.

New color blocked Wunder Under pants shown with the Please Me Pullovers.

Flip Up and Out Pant details.

Post Savasana Bag, $48. (Thanks to Ms. G. for the second photo.)

NEW! Flip With No Flop Tank, Raspberry Glo Method Bag, and More

The Method Bag in Raspberry Glo Light/ Firey Red has hit North America.

New tank called the Flip With No Flop Tank revealed on the website. It's made to show off those great pectorals so it's definitely not for me. This tank reminds me a little of the Zobha Scarlett tank but the Zobha tank didn't expose nearly as much armpit. BTW Zobha has redone their website. Zobha and Kira Grace are my two favorite non-lulu workout wear brands. (I have reviews of Kira Grace's Yoga Halter, Sexy Tank, Y-Back Tank, Double Strap Tank, Knee Pant, and Flare Pant coming.) I also like Margarita when I am feeling especially colorful.

Zobha Scarlett Tank
Forme Jacket mesh armpit details.