Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daily Yoga Jacket, New Split Set Pants, and More

Black Swan Daily Yoga Jacket shown with the Black Swan/Raspberry Glo Wunder Unders and Method Bag. The zipper doesn't even have a pull? This jacket is very much on the down-low regarding lulu symbols. I'm a little torn as to how I feel about that. I almost feel I might as well buy a Kyodan knockoff from Marshalls. It's not like the style is very distinctive. Are you guys liking this jacket? I'll probably end up eating my words and getting one but I tend not to like the longer jackets in the boxy style.

Polar Cream Daily Yoga Jacket with Limitless Blue Wunder Unders.

The Black Daily Yoga Jacket.

New Limitless Blue Split Set Pants.

Devotion SS Tee

Barre Pulse Pant, Elongate Tank, Scuba Stretch Hoodie

Lustre Luon Wunder Unders - a good photos showing the sparkles

Cute Run Outfits

These photos make me want to make this my next run outfit - Love Red Runder Under LS and Deep Coal Run For Your Life Crops. I ran today in the Wee Space Limitless RFYL crops I bought yesterday and loved them. I'm ready to sell the Fast and Free crops I bought last month and get another pair. For the person who asked me about the rise, even though the RFYL crops say low rise, they hit me about my belly button. I think I might be shorter in that area but I think they are higher than the Fast and Frees.

The same crops shown with the Love Red Swiftly turtleneck. I tried the turtleneck on yesterday at the store. It was nice but not something I think I need for my climate.

I like this combo much better than the U-Turn and Runder Under tops that match these bottoms.

U-Turn Pullover and Inspires in Clarity Yellow/Limitless Blue.

U-Turn and Runder Under LS with the Wee Space Limitless Blue Run For Your Life Crops.

A rare photo of the Black Swan U-Turn Pullover.