Thursday, October 25, 2012

NEW! Runder Under Pant Plux

New luxtreme Runder Unders called Runder Under Pant Plux. This is from an Australian product notice so not here yet.

  • simple and clean! the running version of our classic Wunder Unders
  • made of lightweight Power Luxtreme™ with high LYCRA® content for shape retention
  • grab gels easily from the front pockets, or the secure pocket in the back
  • an adjustable drawcord gives you the freedom to fine-tune the fit
  • flip up the pant hem for 360? of reflectivity
  • the triangular gusset allows for a greater range of movement
Comes in Black, Deep Coal/Creamsicle Pop, and Tender Violet/Black.

This photo is showing the Runder Under Plux - the luxtreme version of Runder Unders and not the rulu (running luon) version.

NEW! Devotion SS Tee and Alberta Lake Make It Rain Jacket + More

New Devotion Short Sleeve tees in heathered black, heathered polar cream, and tender violet. These are not in North America yet.

I can't really tell which shorts are in that top photo but I think they might be these new Tender Violet Bonded Groovy Run Shorts. They are paired with the Raspberry Glo Cool Racerback.

Photo of a new Make It Rain Jacket in Alberta Lake Green. Now this is pretty.

Was this photo uploaded to the website on Monday night? I don't remember seeing kitty ears before. Silly lulu.

 Finally! Photos showing the Alberta Lake Swiftly with striped Alberta Lake bottoms (Top Speed crops). I haven't taken the tags off my AL Swiftly but I'm dying for an opportunity to wear it.

Cute Spin It To Win It tank in Black Swan and Raspberry Glo. This is only Australia right now. I love the purple/hot pink combo. As a side topic, I wore my Right Round tank to run in today. It makes a very nice run tank. I wore it at the gym and found the mesh back made the tank nearly as cool as one of my Swift tanks.

Photos of the Latest

We finally get a view of the opposite side of the Tender Violet U-Turn Pullover. I think the reverse side is Black but I suppose it could be Black Swan. I'm a bit dissapointed to see it doesn't have a zip pocket nor cuffins. The $108 price is a little hefty since it's missing those two features.

More photos of the Split Set pant. I got mine today. I liked them but I don't know if I $98 + tax love them. I need to get about 4" hemmed off which I think ruins the lines a little bit. I wouldn't mind if the bottom had a little more of a flare. I thought the luon is a decent thickness. Not like old luon but not as thin as the Black Swan Gather and Crows I recently bought. The black version has a black logo so it's very subtle. I want to see how these look in the three way mirror in the store before I make my final call. I thought they fit TTS.

I also got my rulu Make A Move Pants. I liked them a lot but they are $108 and would be a major, major indulgence for me. They are loose fitting so feel like super soft sweatpants. I don't think I would run in them because, as a lot of people have mentioned, they don't really hug you. I think they are more of an apres pant. I have quite a few pairs of french terry sweat pants - Feel Goods, Lulu Pant IIs, Dance Sweat Pants, so I think I can live without these. The waistband comes up very high. I thought they were a loose fitting TTS. I also want to see how these look in the three-way mirror of the store.

 More photos of the new rain gaiters.

More photos of the new Scuba colors. The Clarity yellow looks a little flourescent to me. Has anyone seen it in person yet?

 More Make It Rain photos.

Clarity Yellow Shows Up and More of the New Scuba Stretch Colors

More photos of the new Rose Herringbone print Scuba Stretch hoodie. A very pretty jacket ruined by an unlined hood. Excellent design decision.  Even if I bought that back-channel feedback was calling for a lighter hood they couldn't have lined it with something material to cover up the fleece? The fleece only gets rattier looking with wear and washing.

Our first glimpse of Clarity Yellow. Also shown is the new Raspberry Glo Scuba Stretch hoodie.

The Deep Coal/Creamsicle Pop Runder Unders. Shown with the Top Speed Tank.