Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NEW Rose Print Scuba

From a Hong Kong PN - a pretty new Roses Print Scuba Hoodie. I assume this is the new Scuba Stretch style. (Thanks to Ms. W. for the tip.)

Rapsberry Glo Swiftly Vs. Pow Swiftly

A good comparison photo showing the new Raspberry Glo Swiftly LS vs. a Pow Swiftly tank on the right. They look nearly identical. (Thanks to Ms. N. for the photo.)

Pow Pink vs. Raspberry Glo Light

Comparison of Pow Pink on left to Raspberry Glo Light on right. These are both Cool Racerbacks. (Thanks to Ms. M. for the photo.)

New Raspberry Glo / Back Swan Speed Shorts and More

Lots of photos of the Split Set pant posted today. This is the Black Swan version shown with a Tender Violet Devotion LS.

More Split Set in all three colors - black, black swan, and alberta lake.

New two-tone Raspberry Glo (front) /Black Swan (back) Speed Shorts.  (Thanks to Ms. T. for the photo.)

Interesting new orange Bangbuster spotted in Australia. (Thanks to Ms. M. for the photo.)

More photos of the U-Turn Pullover. It's supposed to be reversible but I haven't run across a photo showing the other side.

The new luon light Black Macro Micro Power Y looks a lot like last year's regular luon Macro Micro Power Y:

Last year's regular luon Power Y
I think the difference is that the luon light version has solid black along the neckline in front and the older version has the striped pattern. Keep this in mind if you ever hunt this Power Y down on eBay or the sale boards.

Make It Rain Gaiters

 The Creamsicle Pop Scuba Stretch really stands out.

 The pretty Alberta Lake Rose Herringbone Free to Be bra under the Heart Opener Tank.

 Pull Me Over Hoodie photos.

The new Savasana socks with a Polar Cream Define and Free to Be Tank.