Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Creamsice Pop/Deep Coal Runder Unders

Australia got a new version of the Runder Under tights in Deep Coal/Creamsicle Pop. Show with a matching Creamsicle Pop Swiftly SL. These tights will look wild with the Creamsicle Pop Make It Rain Jacket.

Forme Pant, Clear As Mud, Make It Rain, and More

Dang, I didn't realize the Forme Pant came in Black Herringbone. I liked the pant when I tried it on. Shown with a Tender Violet Scuba Stretch Hoodie.

Alberta Lake Rose Herringbone Define shown with AL Split Set Pants. I didn't realize the inside of the collar on the AL Define had the macro micro print on it.

 More Clear As Mud Pant/ Make It Rain Jacket combos. Why do the winter run tights all have such high waists and the regular run crops usually don't? I like a higher waist.

A couple of photos of the Top Speed crops in solid Black.

U-Turn Pullover, Split Set Pants, Gaiters, and More

I think I might have to add the U-Turn Pullover to my wish list.

Shown with the Devotion LS

Shown with the Alberta Lake Rose Herringbone Define

Some photos of the new Split Set pants.

Top Speed Crops in Alberta Lake Macro Micro Stripe, Alberta Lake Rose Herringbone Define, and AL Swiftly
I've been waiting for someone to pair the Alberta Lake Swiftly with Alberta Lake run tights. All the photos show it with the Raspberry Glo/Black Swan Swiftly.

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Shown with the Polar Cream Define and Devotion LS.

I really like how the Make A Move Pants look on this woman. I think she sized down in them since they are baggy in the crotch in most every other photo I've seen of them.

The Alberta Lake/Black Make A Move Pant with matching AL Swiftly SS

More Make A Move pant photos.

Photo of the new Make It Rain Gaiters

Shown with a Creamsicle Pop Swiftly

Shown with the First Base Tank
The Top Speed Crops the in the Alberta Lake Macro Micro print.

Coming Soon - Raspberry Glo Light Cool Racerback

Also shown are the Wee Space Limitless Blue Run For Your Life Crops
Currently only in Australia right now but hopefully coming soon to North America - a solid Raspbery Glo Light Cool Racerback.

Towel Mat Typo

Does no one proofread the manifesto print items before they hit production? You would think after the last time lululemon would have added a few more signatures to the design approval sheet before starting production.

"Do One Thing A Day That SACRES You"

Maybe it doesn't matter since these shirts got marked down all the way to $59 - a negligible hit to the bottom line.