Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back on Track, Uba Hoodie, Sit and Be Still and More

Cute photos of the Silver Slate Back on Track Tank and the Tender Violet Reversible Wunder Unders. Since these WUs reverse to black the coverage on these is good though they tend to feel a bit rubbery to me.

I was hoping to see the Uba Hoodie at the store today but my store did not get them yet. If they hit the markdown rack for a decent price I'd consider it.

Still not loving the Clutch Coat.

Polar Cream Rose Herringbone Free to Be Bra, Heart Opener Tank, True Bliss Pant. I love the print on the bra straps. Why couldn't an Energy Bra come out in this print?

 Full Stride Skirt, Creamsicle Pop Cool Racerback, Uba hoodie

 Polar Cream/Rose Herringbone No Limit Tank.

Lovely Sit and Be Still pant photos.  ;-)

 Heart Opener tank - I did not see this at the store today.

Tender Violet Define and matching Groove pants. I was tempted to get this Define today but decided it was too close to my Potion Define so could resist.

Clutch Coat, True Bliss Pant, Macro Micro Wunder Unders and More

Black Half Macro Micro Cool Racerback and Alberta Lake Studio Pants.

I like the whole look on this woman - Heart Opener Tank, Sit and Be Still Pant, Daily Om Duffel, Peace of Mind Toque.

Clutch Coat photos. Shown with Alberta Lake Organic Wunder Unders.

Shown with the Devotion LS

The showy Macro Micro Wunder Under crops.

Shown with Alberta Lake organic Wunder Unders

Shown with a creamsicle pop CRB and sweater knit Wunder Unders
The new 105F Singlet colors.

Photo of the new True Bliss Pant.

Macro Micro Devotion LS, shown with the Peace of Mind Scarf, Leg Warmers, and Herringbone Wunder Unders.

The Sweater Knit Print Wunder Unders. These are the ones that get sheer.

More photos of the Intuition Wrap.