Monday, October 15, 2012

Upload!!! Lots of Pricey Things Tonight

Intuition Sweater Wrap - $178. Note the armholes at the bottom so you can double it over yourself - aesthetically yucky.

Peak to Peak Poncho - $228
Clutch Coat, $178 - very bathrobe-like.
Peace of Mind Scarf, $128. Who cares about the scarf, what color are those Wunder Unders?
3X a Lady Jacket, $368
Wow, lots of pricey and not very enticing items tonight. On the other hand, there were some cute, normal items uploaded:

Cute new 105F Singlets uploaded in Creamsicle Pop, Heathered Black, Tender Violet, and Silver Slate. I am tempted to order the Tender Violet but this latest batch looks like it runs smaller than the previous run. I really love the two I have now in Angel Blue and Bordeaux. I don't know what to order, Tender Violet or Silver Slate.

Cute new Cool Racerback in Half Macro Micro Heathred Black/Black. I have the fatter striped Macro Micro from last year so can pass on this.

Cute new Wunder Under pants in black Swan herringbone and Tender Violet denim.

I am not ordering anything right now but may change my mind about the 105F singlet later. I think I want to try those on at the store. I am also resisting getting the Tender Violet Define for now.

What did you all order?

Today's Shopping Trip

I went to the store hoping to try on the new Tender Violet Define Jacket but left with the Black Swan/Tender Violet Gather and Crow crops - my first pair of that style ever - and the Alberta Lake LS Swiftly. I have to be honest, the above photo of the Black Swan G&Cs got me interested in them. I have a number of purple tops and jackets that I can pair with these crops. I bought the Top Speed Tank in Black Swan and hate how it looks with black bottoms so that was a further inducement. I also think the Gather and Crow is one of the more flattering crops when viewed from the backside.

I didn't know whether I would get the Alberta Lake Swiftly from looking at the photos but it's such a pretty color and unique when it comes to Swiftlys in the women's line so I had to get it. All my long sleeve Swiftlys are more somber colors for winter running - Dark Classic Sports Gray, Lolo Purple, Rock Steady Blue and now Alberta Lake.

I tried the Bundle Up jacket on and I liked it. I don't have a use for this jacket since I can barely find opportunites to wear my Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover but I thought it was nice. It fit TTS.

I also tried on the Runder Under LS and liked it a lot, too. I like the sporty look of these tops compared to the more quirky run tops with ruffles and pleats. I thought it also fit TTS. I have enough running luon tops that I thought I could live without this one. However, I might be tempted by the Tender Violet version if it ever shows up at my store.

I also tried on the first base tank and liked that a lot. I thought the upper portion that makes up the straps was mesh but it's mesh-lined running luon. The black macro micro stripe is very cute but I already have the Cool Racerback in this pattern. I also can't think of a reason I'd need a running luon tank. I know it's supposed to be a base layer but if it's that cold I am going to layer a Swiftly LS or SS under a pullover.

I finally got to try on the Spinerette bra and liked it a lot. The back is very comfortable and I think it fits TTS but the seams in the front show through tops. It does look nice with the Right Round tank since the straps don't show through the back keyhole. If one pops up on sale I'd get it for the right price but I think I'd rather get another All Sport tank if I'm getting a shelf bra with wide straps. My store didn't have any All Sports left in my size so I can't report whether the fit has changed at all from the previous version.

I tried on the Runder Under tights today and I can see why everyone is raving about them. I wish these came in a twelve. They are super soft but feel almost spongey. They feel like an extra thick running luon. I think they are overkill for running in Southern California but I'd like them for a base layer under ski pants or to wear for fitness walks on chilly days. I'd say these were TTS but it's hard to tell since I had to try on the size down.

I tried on the Run With Rover pants just to see what they'd look like. My bedonkadonk kind of filled out the backside but I found the calves on the snug side so overall it wasn't an attractive look. They are definitely too warm for physical activity for me so I'd only get them for watching my kid's soccer games in the winter. An easy pass. I think these are a size-down item.

My store did not have my size in the Side Angle pant so I had to try on the next size down. I kind of liked them but I need to remember to try them on again next time I go to the store. The fit reminded me a lot of the Energize pant which is what I think they are when I look at the back seaming.

I also tried on the Free to Be tank. I liked it and would say it fits a figure-hugging TTS. I really need a twelve in this tank so it was a non-purchase for me.

I also tried on the Run: For Your Life crops and really liked them. I just bought a pair of Fast and Free crops on markdown so don't need another pair of running crops but I thought these were nice.

NEW Tender Violet Denim Wunder Unders and More of the Newest Stuff

New Tender Violet/black denim Wunder Unders. There are also new Sweater Knit print Wunder Unders coming but I've seen a try-on photo and they are see-through (like see the tear out tag see through) when you put them on.

More photos of the Three Times a Lady Jacket. I like it better from the back than the front.

New Creamsicle Pop Back on Track Tank. Shown with the new Slim Grooves.

Uba Hoodie

Shown with Inspire Crops

Shown with Side Angle pants
The new brushed Tender Violet Define jacket has hit the stores. I was hoping to see this today but my store hadn't received it yet.

The Tender Violet and Black Swiftly LS has hit the stores.

NEW! Alberta Lake Studio Pant

New Studio Pant in Alberta Lake and Black. I don't know if I care for the black accent or not. Not sure if these are lined but I suspect they are. They are lined. (Thanks to Ms. T. for the photo.)

Three Times a Lady, Uba Hoodie, Turn Around Jacket is Back

New Three Times A Lady Jacket. Be prepared to dig deep into your wallet for this one, it's $368 and it was restickered from $400-something. It's a softshell and a down jacket together. I'm not sure why they made the outer sleeves so short. I know I haven't lived back east for seventeen years now but I remember there is nothing better than having an icy wind whistle up your sleeves - not.

Why we made this:
With three ways to wear this coat, it helps keep you warm and stylish in any weather. Wear both layers together or either layer on its own.

-Outer layer is Softshell, seam-sealed fabric to help protect from wind & rain
-The ultra-lightweight Cire fabric is wind- & water-resistant
-Super-soft, brushed, Tricot-lined pockets help keep your hands warm
-650-fill-power premium goose down for warmth and loft-retention
-Hidden pocket help keep your tunes or phone secure

The Turn Around Jacket is back. The Alberta Lake is very cute. This time the fil is 800.

Photo of the Polar Cream Uba hoodie. It's actually cute on people but I'm not sure about $178 worth of cute.

NEW! Uba (Hold On To Your Wallet) Hoodie - $178!!!

It also comes in Polar Cream. Showing the side vent.

I know I said in my post about the new Scubas that lululemon should just keep the same designs and raise prices but the new $178 Uba Hoodie is pretty outrageous. I'm not exactly sure why I would need mesh venting on top of my arms but whatevs. There is also venting on the sides. There is reflectivity edging the hood and the stripes on the arms are also reflective. Really? A couple of vents and some reflective tape add up to $70 more than a regular Scuba? Easy pass for me, particularly in boring and prone-to-fading black. (Thanks to Ms. C for the photos.)

Update - Hmmm, not sure what material this is made of. Maybe that is why the price is crazy high. The wrinkles in the white make it look neoprenish so I'm thinking it's not french terry. However, the tag is of no use (shocker).

Update 2 - The material is not french terry but something that feels polyestery on the outside but super soft on the inside. A new technical fabric, apparently. Still, $178 is big number.