Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rumor - Define Jacket Redesign Coming

My colorful Defines.  Look, four new ones from 2012 alone.
A reader writes she heard the Define Jacket is being redesigned for Spring 2013. If it's anything like the redesigns on the other items - Flow Y, Power Y, Inspire Crops, triangle gussets in pants, Scuba - then lululemon can keep it. The great majority of the fit tweaks on the core items have been for the worse. The triangle gusset is a disaster. I have to screen out a lot more pant photos than I ever have because of visible CT. The Define has something like a 4.9/5 rating over 553 reviews so it's a well-loved and well-reviewed item. I get moving forward and innovating but to mess with a design that is already nearly perfect is a mistake. I hate to say this but if it's a question of profit, just raise the price. People will pay for great fit and quality. They will not pay the same price for a product that was obviously cheapened (yes, I'm looking at you Scuba Hoodie Stretch).