Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spotted In Stores - Tender Violet Define and New Swiftly

From left to right: Bruised Berry, Tender Violet, Power Purple

A new brushed Define in Tender Violet was spotted in US Stores this weekend.  I like it but I am not a fan of the brushed Defines because I like to be able to wear my Defines year round. Since I have a Potion Purple Define I'm pretty sure I can live without a Tender Violet one. (Thanks to Ms. T. for the photos.)

Comparison of Tender Violet (the CRB) and Potion Purple (the Stride Jacket). (Thanks to Ms. C. for the photo.)

The Tender Violet/Gray Swiftly LS has also hit US Stores. (Thanks to Ms. Q. for the photo.)

New run jacket revealed on the lululemon Facebook page.

Scuba Update - The Scuba Hoodie Stretch

The updated Scuba is called the Scuba Hooide Stretch
Lululemon responded to comments on their Facebook site about recent design changes to the Scuba hoodie (no ribbed side panels, shorter length, hood is single layer and not lined). You may have noticed that the new scubas are missing from the website and stores. They are being restickered with the correct product information. This was the statement about the design update:

Thanks so much for being so patient while we got all of the information for you. This is a new version of the Scuba Hoodie and has been created with an new Cotton Fleece fabric. Because of this, details like ribbing are no longer relied on to provide great fit. However, as you guys noticed, the new hoodies arrived in stores and online without the updated information to accompany them and made for some confusion that these were the original style. This was a mistake and we’ve pulled the hoodies back so we can update this information. We’ll put them back online next week once this has been completed. The correct name is the Scooba Hoodie Stretch and we’re super excited about it. It’s sleek, less restrictive and ultra soft. Keep your eyes out for a blog post coming out next week that delves a little deeper into the new design details. Thanks again for your understanding!

Some comments:
  • the fit is not longer "great" but boxier and shorter - major update fail
  • new Cotton Fleece fabric - softer but less warm - update push/fail
  • unlined hood - update fail. The previous hood may have been heavy but it provided extra warmth to my back. 
I think there is a market for lighter weight, soft hoodies for warmer months, similar to the older Remix Light, but lululemon should keep/bring back the old Scuba design. It has a feedback rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 for 791 reviews. That's a great rating and it was obviously a very loved design. I know I was planning on buying a new Scuba or two over the coming months but won't get any of this new design. The Scuba Stretch does not feel worth $108 and $128 price tags I paid for some of my Scubas. I encourage everyone who loved the old Scuba design to give your feedback to lululemon to bring it back.