Thursday, October 11, 2012

More of the Latest

Another photo of the Tender Violet No Limit Tank. Too bad this isn't solid TV. I got my Tender Violet Cool Racerback today and just love it. Hoping there is an Alberta Lake Cool Racerback coming.

Rose Herringbone Side Angle Pants and Free to Be Tank.

In Australia now - the Alberta Lake Team Spirit SS.

The Silver Slate Polar Cream Stripe/Rose Herringbone Back on Track Tank.

 Alberta Lake SS Swiftly and Runder Unders. I can't believe their is snow on the ground in some places already. It's barely October.

Tender Violet All Sport Bra. Since the All Sport showed up again I've been wearing mine more. I forgot how much I like this bra.
The Spinerett bra is finally in Southern California.

New No Limit Color and More

New No Limit Tank in Tender Violet and Black (I think).

Photos of the Alberta Lake LS Swiftly. I need to try this on. It's gorgeous in the photos.

Free to Be Tanks in Silver Slate/Polar Cream Stripe and Tender Violet.The striped one is from an Australian store.

From Australia - Tender Violet Nothing But Run Jacket.

I think I like the Alberta Lake/Black version of the Bundle Up Jacket the best.

 Heathered Black Devotion LS and Daily Om Bag

 The Alberta Lake Run For You Life Crops.

Side Angle pants in the Rose Herringbone print.