Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Heart Opener Tank and More

From Australia - more photos of the Vitasea Heart Opener Tank in Tender Violet.

No wonder the Bundle Up looks so bulky in some photos and not in others. The hood is a giant piece that also goes all the way down the front of the jacket.

The All Sport bra is hitting US stores. I still haven't seen notice of the Spinerette bra in my local stores yet.

The Alberta Lake and Creamsicle Pop Swiflty LS. The Alberta Lake looks darker than I thought it would. I need to check this out at the store.

The puppy is wicked cute in these photos but the Run With Rover Pants are just awful. I don't think I've seen a photo where these look cute yet.

I think these are the Alberta Lake Run For Your Life Crops. I'm dying to see them matched with coordinating tops.

Daily Om Duffel, Bundle Up Jacket, Light As Air Panties

Shown with Back to Class Jacket, Spincity SS, and Alberta Lake Herringbone Wunder Unders

Photos of the new Daily Om Duffel in Albert Lake green. It also comes in Polar Cream.

 Bundle Up Jacket in Black.

Run With Rover pant in Alberta Lake. Shown with the First Base Tank and Bundle Up Jacket.

New Light As Air Undies. Anyone try these yet? I am pretty happy with my Zobha Yoga Panties. The last time I tried a pair of the Lululemon laser cut undies they tended to ride up on me.

Side Angle Pants and More

Side angle pant in Black Rose Herringbone pritn. I like the cut of these pants but the stripe really hems you in on the tops you can pair with it. Shown with the Spincity SS tee.

The new Run With Rover Pant shown with the Free to Be tank and the Alberta Lake Swiftly LS. Creamsicle paired with Alberta Lake reminds me of the Howard Johnson's restaurant/hotel chain.

The Bundle Up Jacket. I believe the Alberta Lake bag in the top photo is a Daily Om Duffel Gym Bag Seven Days of Asana bag.

Puddle Jumper Jacket with Run For Your Life Crops and Brisk Run Earwarmer.

Devotion LS in Silver Slate Stripe and Tender Violet. Also shown in the Spincity SS tee.

 Creamsicle Pop Swiftly LS and Alberta Lake Runder Under. Shown with an Alberta Lake Daily Om Duffel (I think ) gym bag.

Good backside view of the Run For Your Life Crops.

Back On Track Tank, Devotion LS, Run With Rover, and More

Photos of the new Back on Track tank in the Black/Tender Violet and Silver Slate/Polar Cream/Rose Herringbone Stripe. Also show are the new Nothing But Run jackets in Creamsicle Pop and Tender Violet, Full Stride Skirt, First Base Tank, and Run For Your Life Crops. These photos are from Australia/New Zealand.

Bundle Up Jacket Photos. Shown with the Run With Rover Pants in the top photo.

A couple of photos of the new Alberta Lake Run For Your Life crops but the color is so off we can't get a good sense of how it looks in real life. Shown with the Alberta Lake Swiftly LS in the top photo and the Creamsicle Pop Define in the bottom photo.

First Base Tank and the Runder Unders Tights in Black/Alberta Lake/Raspberry Glo Light. You can see the pink color through the black on her shins.

Side Angle Pants in the Black/Polar Cream. I'm not sure that that top tank is, perhaps the new Heart Opener Tank.

Cute outfit - Matching Brisk Run Toque and Runder Under LS, shown with Alberta Lake/Raspberry Glo Lite/Black Runder Under Tights.

The new Free To Be Tank, shown with Wunder Unders and the new Slim Groove Pant. The new Devotion LS is also in the top photo.

Devotion LS tee.