Monday, October 8, 2012


Runder Under in Herringbone Black
It looks like this upload was identical to what we saw the other day. I already ordered the Tender Violet Cool Racerback so there wasn't anything I wanted tonight. Did you all order anything?

NEW! Side Angle Pant and Free to Be Tank

New Side Angle pants in Tender Violet shown with a matching new Vitasea Heart Opener Tank. Cool Racerback tank (not sure what it is). This photo is from Australia but the pants were on the mistaken upload. I kind of like these pants.

The new Tender Violet Free To Be Tank we saw on the mistaken upload, shown with the Slim Groove pants.

First Base Tank, Run: For Your Life Crops, Runder Under LS and More

Not many photos today since it's Canada's Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!) but a few have popped up of the new stuff. New First Base tank made of running luon (rulu) with mesh straps. We saw this pop up on the mistaken upload the other afternoon. You wear your own bra underneath and can be worn as a baselayer.

 Photos of the rulu Runder Under LS in Creamsicle Pop and the Polar Cream Silver Slate Stripe

New Run: For Your Life Crops shown in photos with the First Base Tank and Runder Under LS.

Some photos of the new Black Swan and Alberta Lake Herringbone Wunder Under Pants. (Thanks to Ms. H. for the photos.)

Scuba Design Change - No More Ribbed Side Panels and Shorter? Boo!!!

No ribbed side panels = boxy fit
Well no wonder the latest Scuba hoodies are looking so boxy on the models, lulu has eliminated the ribbed side panels. Why did you mess with perfection, lulu? The Scuba was so nice - great length, super warm, great curve-hugging fit:

Ribbed side panels = curve hugging fit unlike other manufacturer's hoodies
Ribbed side panel close up

Gah, now the Scuba is just another (albeit really expensive) boxy, too short hoodie I can get anywhere. I used to hate the Scuba's predecessor, the Remix - too short, too boxy, too stiff and never bought a single one. I own four Scubas and I live in Southern California. Now you've gone back to the Remix design - short and boxy but made the jacket a little softer. Boo! Bring back the ribbed side panels! And the length!