Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scuba Comparison

Hmm, maybe I am imagining things with the length of the Scuba. Here is a photo of the latest Tender Violet (from the Hong Kong website) Scuba compared to two older Scubas. They look like they hit at about the same spot.

Creamsicle Pop Scuba and More.

Creamsicle Pop Scuba. The Scubas are looking shorter lately. I hope this is some sort of manufacturing tolerance and not a deliberate design change. I thought the length of the Scubas was perfect as they were so I'm bummed if it's a change. The jackets also seem softer and less thick and dense. As a southern Californian that doesn't really bother me but the Scuba is probably the most windproof sweat jacket I've ever owned. I know not everyone is liking the change.

This'll wake up your class - Creamsicle Pop Cool racerback and Tender Violet Wunder Unders.