Friday, October 5, 2012

Today's Shopping Trip

I got my Monday upload order yesterday - a Black Swan Cool Racerback, two different sizes of the Black Swan Top Speed tank and a pair of Spinerette shorts. I went to the store today to return the CRB and one of the Top Speed tanks. I returned the Black Swan tank because it looks a lot like black and I'd rather have the Tender Violet CRB instead. I was trying to talk myself into keeping it since I do have a few pairs of non-black Wunder Unders and other pants I could wear it with but decided I didn't need it. However, if you have a bunch of colored Wunder Unders or other bottoms I think it's a nice neutral to pair with them. It looks particularly nice against Tender Violet. I also wanted to try on the other colors in the Top Speed tank because I don't think Black Swan looks all that great paired with black and most of my workout bottoms and all my luxtreme bottoms are black. However, I still liked the Black Swan the best and will just need to get some colored pants - lol.

My store had the Tender Violet Wunder Unders so I tried them on. They're way too bright for me but they are fun. They are reversible so they have that spongey feeling the reversible WUs tend to have. I thought the coverage in them was better than the Bordeaux Wunder Unders. Like most reversible WUs the fit is slightly snugger than a normal pair.

I got to try on the new Slim version of the Groove Pant. My store only had them in tall but I couldn't really tell much of a difference to tell the truth. It's been awhile since I've worn Grooves but I think this design change is a non-issue, for me anyway.

I also got to try on the new Forme Pant in solid black. The fit reminded me a little of the Energize pant. I've already spent enough on lulu this month but I definitely liked these pants. I thought the yoke seaming on the rear was flattering. If they are still around next month I might get them.

I've been dying to try on the Spinerette bra but my store did not have them. I'm hoping it's coming to Southern California or more colors will be uploaded next week. I've read some good things about this bra.

I saw the "brushed" Rose Herringbone Define but it didn't feel that brushed to me. I wore my Mini Check Define to the store and that one is much softer so I'm glad I passed on this one. I was hoping to pick up the Bangbuster in this print but they didn't have it yet.

I ended up getting a pair of Fast and Free crops from the markdown rack. I am now set for running crops for the winter.

I also heard today the XL CRBs are being discontinued and the Groove crops are only going away for a little while, not being full-on discontinued.

Spin Class Performance Report for Right Round Tank & Spinerette Shorts

Mesh in the armpit - genius!
I wore my new Alberta Lake tank and Spinerette shorts for a 75 minute spin class today. I haven't been this thrilled and pleased with new lululemon designs in forever.  Either the designer is a spinner or they really listened to spinners because both pieces are very well-thought-out. The tank is super cool and breathable. The entire back of the tank is mesh and it has a big keyhole cutout in the middle of it. The front mesh at the top of the chest works very well. The genius part of this tank is that they put mesh in all the high-sweat areas (under the armpits, especially!) so perspiration is not that noticeable. The mesh darkens with perspiration but it's not really noticeable like in your typical luxtreme or silverescent tanks. The tank fits on the looser side so there is air flow between your skin and the tank. I love the longer length because it covered my rear when I was seated but since it was mesh it didn't add a layer of warmth. I really liked being able to wear my own bra under this tank but it isn't a matronly-looking tank which many of the wear-your-own-bra tanks are. It follows your curves and the two-tone design in the Alberta Lake version looks very sporty. I wore a Ta Ta Tamer with the straps crossed. You could see a little of the bra through the keyhole but it wasn't bad. I was hoping to pick up a Spinerette bra at the store today (reading very good things about the bra, too) but my store didn't get it yet. Spinners especially should check out this tank but it can be worn for any activity. I hope we see more colors in these.

As for the Spinerette shorts, I wore those yesterday on a 3 mile run and really liked them but I wanted to try them for spin, too. I was equally happy with them for spin. The gripper strip used only on the back of the thigh is the genius part here. It's just enough grip to keep the shorts down but it's not on the top of the thigh so it doesn't create sausage leg or pull on your skin. The waistband is high and comfortable. The mesh on the back of the leg is wonderful and I love the length. All in all, a super comfortable and fuctional short for spin. I am going to keep both pairs that I bought.

Surprise Upload or Error? Updated.

I'm reading chatter that the surprise upload that happened this afternoon was in error. I hope not because I ordered the Tender Violet Cool Racerback. Don't cancel my order, lulu! There are some other new goodies that were uploaded, too. Not sure how much longer everything will be on line, though.

Update - uh oh, looks like orders won't go through:
[a woman who called the GEC, not me] I just called in and everyone who ordered will get an email in 24 hours stating that the items are not in stock. You will have to give them the order number and paypal confirmation for them to refund you in 4-5 buisness days.

Well, poo, I used Paypal.

Latest Update:
I just got off the phone with the Gec and they are now saying that whatever was ordered tonight WILL be honored. We will not see the shipping notifications though until Tuesday! All orders will not be cancelled. So who do I believe...this guy or Nick?!
 I like this guy a lot better! I can live with waiting.
 5:44 pm update - It looks like orders placed will be honored even though the latest things are not at the warehouse quite yet. Yay! 
Here is what else was in the mistaken upload:

 Thanks to Ms. E. for the photos.