Monday, October 1, 2012

Upload!! Lots of Goodies Tonight.

Ugh, I held my nose and ordered the new $68 (!) Spinerette shorts. I've been living in my Run: Take Flight Bike shorts all summer and desperately searching eBay for another pair. I really like the 7-8" length short for running (and spin) so these are exactly what I've been looking for.

I also ordered the Black Swan Cool Racerback. I know this one is going to go fast.

I also ordered the Top Speed Tank. This is just my kind of tank for the gym and spin - open back, wide straps, scoop neckline, and made of luxtreme. I wasn't sure of the fit since it's new so I ordered two sizes and will take back the one that doesn't work. I really liked how it looked and moved in the video showing lulu ambassador, Kate Hickl, wearing it while spinning.

I was tempted by a few other things but ordering three items is fairly unprecedented for me. I need to see the other items in the store.

I was tempted by the Rose Herringbone Define but once I saw it was the brushed version, I didn't want it. I find them too warm for Southern California. I like to be able to wear my Defines year round. I also have a very similar Define, the black mini check, from last year so can use that as an excuse not get this one.  I might change my mind once I see this one in the store but for now I can live without it.

I was also tempted by the Runder Under LS but only Canada got the Tender Violet version so an easy no-sale for me.

I know a lot of people are excited to see the All Sport bra is back. I have a couple and I like to wear them for hikes or walks. They are comfortable but smash me down a little. I still like the Energy bra best of the moderate support bras.

Boo on the change to the Groove pant - the Groove *Slim that has a narrower knee. The Groove is a pretty perfect pant. No need to make yet another tight-kneed pant.

A lot of us were wondering what the Creamsicle colored bottoms we saw in the photos was. Now we know - it was Creamsicle Spinerette shorts. I hope they gave it to that spin instructor ambassador to check out how sheer it becomes when sweat soaked. She was sweating buckets in the video.

What did you all get?

NEW! Runder Under Long Sleeve

New running luon top called the Runder Under. It comes in Macro Micro Stripe Polar Cream / Silver Slate (Shown), Tender Violet, Creamsicle Pop. I might be interested in a Tender Violet if the color blocking isn't awful.

NEW! Fly Away Tamer Headband

New headband called the Fly Away Tamer. It is a luon headband with silicone sticky dots inside to help keep it in place. Note the Alberta Lake Green Swiftly in the photo. The headband comes in Polar Cream, Creamsicle Pop, and Tender Violet.

More of the Latest

This photo is great in that is shows how much of the new Spin It To Win It and Right Round Tank is made of mesh - very intriguing.

Spin It to Win It Tank and crops, Spincity  Tee

Spin It to Win It crops

Right Round Tank, Spincity Tee, Spin It to Win It Tank

Spincity SS

Spincity SS Tee

Spotted In Stores - New Herringbone Pattern Wunder Unders

New Alberta Lake Herringbone Wunder Unders. I'm not sure if these are pants or crops. I think they might be pants. The bottom are some sort of checked, maybe glen check, Black Swan. The color code is SKPR so not exactly sure that stands for. (Thanks to Ms. T. for the photo.)

The Spin Capsule "Story"

I hate doing spin in a bright room - lights off!
The look when you first hit class: Back to Class Jacket, Spincity long sleeve, Spin It to Win It Crops, Right Round Tank and new Fly Away Tamer Headband.

It's cold to start with so I'll leave the Spincity LS on for now.

Zipper to control cooling.

Spinerette bra underneath the Right Round Tank

Got my skirted crops so the creepy guy behind me can't see the goods & it hides butt sweat, too.

NEW! Forme Pant and Creamsicle Pop Define

New Forme Pant. Comes in reversible slub Denim Alberta Lake and Black.

  • check your ego at the door and your alignment in the mirror.
  • one of the reasons we keep coming back to our mat is because yoga keeps us humble.
  • even when we feel like we've "perfected" a pose, there's always more to work on.
  • we designed these long, lean pants to be form-fitting so we can check our alignment.
  • the smooth, flat waistband lets you forward fold with ease
  • an articulated rise in the back gives you more coverage where you want it
  • feel free in the gusset - it's designed to give you range of movement and comfort
  • store your cards and key in the hidden waistband pocket
  • chafe-resistant flat seams make getting sweaty on your yoga mat enjoyable
  • four-way stretch moves everywhere you do
 New Define in Creamsicle Pop Orange.

NEW! Spinerette Bra, Top Speed Tank, Back to Class Jacket is Back, and Much More

New run tank called the Run: Top Speed Tank. I really like the wide straps in the back. I don't have any detailed product info on this other thank it's luxtreme. I think I might order this one tonight though it probably requires a try on to get right.

New bra called the Spinerette Bra. I really like the looks of this bra. One of my favorite older bras is called the Swift bra that had wide crossed straps like this. It's so supportive and comfortable. I might have to get one of these, too.

The very cute Back To Class french terry jacket is back. This version is Black Swan is just gorgeous. It also comes in Glen Check Polar Cream Silver Slate and Black.

New Scuba in Glen Check Polar Cream pattern. Shown with Angel Blue Wunder Unders.

New Cool Racerback out in Polar Cream. Shown with the Black Swan Studio Pants.

Photos of the new Right Round Tank. This does not have a built in bra. Shown in Creamsicle Pop and Silver Slate. It also comes in black. The Silver Slate is shown with Albert Lake Gather and Crow Crops.

Spin It To Win It Tank Photos

I'm getting a little confused with the three new tanks revealed since two of them look similar in the front (Spin It to Win It and Right Round) and two look similar in the back (Spin It to Win It and Top Speed) but one doesn't have a build in bra (Right Round). This is the high-necked, open back Spin It To Win It, made of luxtreme, with an adjustable built in bra and mesh panels. It also has gripper fabric at the bottom to help keep it from riding up in class. I love that feature since when you wear a luxtreme top on top of luxtreme bottoms the top tends to creep up with your body motion.

I love have an open back for spin though the neck is a little high for me. I still like a small scoop so I get some cooling in the front.  I definitely want to try this on, though.

It comes in Creamsicle Pop, Black, and Heathered Silver. I assume the price is probably $58.


  • bring on the bounce, we've got it covered.
  • when we crank up the cadence in spin class, we want a tank that can handle our sweat and keep our girls under control.
  • we designed this inherently wicking tank with a high neck and a grippy rear hem to keep us covered while we cycle.
  • customize the built-in bra for a personalized fit
  • wide, crossover straps lay comfortably flat on your shoulders
  • stash your key in the hidden bust pocket
  • the silky-smooth Power Luxtreme fabric is quick drying and moisture wicking to help keep you cool and dry
  • anti-stink Micro Diamond Mesh placed in high-sweat areas helps keep you cool
  • rubber grip at the hem helps keep your shirt where it should be

Puddle Jumper Jacket Photos

Photos of the new Run: Puddle Jumper Jacket, $198. It's made of Glyde Ultra. I like the looks of this jacket but it's a little pricey for me.