Thursday, September 20, 2012

Groovy Run Shorts Are Back!

The much-beloved Groovy Run shorts are back. I had read a rumor they were coming back. Hopefully we'll see more colors and prints in these.

More of The Latest

Nesting Bird Scuba, Bordeaux Wunder Under crops, and Split Pea Power Y.

Pretty Pink Scoop Me Up tank and Coal Denim Wunder Unders

Heathered Coal In Stride Jacket and Bordeaux Low Rider Pants.

Denim Groove Pants with the Sattva Pullover.

The new Pigment Blue Studio Pants. Shown with the Nesting Bird Scuba and a Pretty Pink Scoop Me Up tank.

Wunder Unders in Coal and Black.

I love when the stores give these side-by-side photos. The top photo is the Low Rider Pant and the bottom are Pigment Gather and Crow crops.

Bordeaux Aphrodite Tank and Denim Virtue Energy Pants.

Speed Squad Tank in Pretty Pink

Nothing But Run and Swiftly SS in Pigment
Matching the top to the stripe in the Track Time Crops really makes the outfit in these photos.

The Latest

Outfit idea - Flare LS Swiftly and coordinating Cashew/Black/Flare Speed Shorts.

Gorgeous Pretty Pink Scuba with the Bordeaux Aphrodite Tank and Low Rider Pant. FYI - the only cold weather store in LA/OC is the South Coast Plaza store. They have all the cold weather stuff now, including Scubas.

Some more Aphrodite photos. Shown with the Low Rider pant in the top photos and Wunder Unders in the other ones.

 Bordeaux Seven Days of Asana bag.

New Heathered Soot Run: Response Shorts. I wish they'd fix the drawstring on the re-designed Run: Response shorts. Apparently, you can't pull them tight enough so they slip down when people run in them. There are numerous complaints on the website about this and my husband tried them on last week and confirmed there is a fit problem in the waist. He has nine pairs (not as many as you think since he goes to the gym or runs six days a week) of these shorts but he won't buy any new ones until this problem is fixed.

Split Pea Scoop Me Up tank and Pigment Studio Pants.

Pigment Studio Pants and More

New Pigment Studio Pants. I do not think I saw these in my store yesterday.

Pretty Pink In Stride Jacket shown with Bordeaux Wunder Unders. I'm not sure what tank she has with the WUs in the bottom photo. I just liked the pose.  ;-)

This woman makes me want to run out and get an Angel Team Spirit tank.

The bonded Split Pea Cool Racerback.

Bordeaux Studio Pants Restocked on the US Side

Great news! The Bordeaux Studio Pants have been restocked in all sizes except 2 on the US side of the website.

New Markdowns

Ooh, the Fast and Free crops I had my eye on went to markdown last night. I'm not sure a $19 markdown is enough temptation for me to get a color that I don't like and might show through my Swiftly tops. Hmmm. Anyway, check out the latest markdowns.