Saturday, September 15, 2012

Store Trip Report

Sattva Pant in Bordeaux
I tried on the Sattva pant. I know people said they were super soft but I could definitely feel the scratchiness of the Merino wool in them. To me, the french terry Tea Lounge, Feel Good pants, or Lulu Pant IIs are much softer.

As reported in the previous post the Hold It Against Me bra comes in a new blue called Spry Blue (lululemon responded to one of my tweets speculating on what this new color is). The color code is SYBL and is the same blue as found in the special edition Sea Wheeze clothes. I'll definitely take a Cool Racerback in this color.

I tried on the new Team Spirit Tank in both Pigment and Angel today and was very tempted by it. The tank comes up high in the armpits and seems a bit snug in that area. I tried the next size down because the body is loose but then the armpits became noticeably snugger. It's not enough to make me not recommend the tank but I am used to having very loose armpits on my run tops. It's a tough call as to whether you should size down in this top because the armpit/chest area runs true to size and it's meant to be a loose-fitting run top. I liked the top a lot but I have a lot of silverscent run tops already and can live without this one for now. However, I will keep my eye on it. The Pigment Blue one was definitely calling my name.

I finally got to try on the Gust Buster jacket. I looked for the vest but they are either selling like hotcakes in the larger sizes or my store has not got them in above a size 8. However, they did have my size in the jacket. I really liked the jacket a lot. If I didn't already have a Mountain Hardware fleece jacket and last year's Don't Hurry Be Happy pullover I'd put this on my list of jackets to get. I just don't have a lot of use for an extensive fleece collection living in Southern California. I'd say this jacket ran true to size.

I also got to try on the Down Town vest. My store got a random size 12 return in the Pigment. They had it marked down to $149 to entice someone into buying it. I liked it a lot but I don't have much use for a down vest.

I tried on the Wholehearted Tank on in my regular size and the next size down. I can't say I am a fan. It's an okay tank but I find it kind a blah-looking. The size down erased the weird neckline wrinkle I see in a lot of the photos (you can see it in the above photo) but it was too snug in the tummy. This tank runs true to size.

I tried the Presence of Mind LS in the Pretty Pink Tonka Stripe. It's a very pretty shirt in that color. I thought the shirt ran on the snug size, especially in the upper arms and chest. These shirts are very soft and comfortable but the burnout material is so delicate and pills so quickly I just can't recommend them unless you get them for a great price.

I tried on the Tonka Stripe Pigment Power Y and just love this color. If a Cool Racerback comes in this color I will cut someone to get it but I hate, Hate, HATE the light luon version of the Power Y. My regular size is too loose in the chest and the next size down is too tight in the tummy, not to mention the light luon straps thin out when they're stretched and then they cut into my shoulders.

I also tried on the Fast and Free crop. I'm looking around for one more pair of luxtreme crops to run in when the weather gets a little cooler. I am not a fan of the Inspire crops since they are so long on me but the Fast and Frees are perfect for me. I also like that they are all luxtreme and don't have any mesh panels in them. I did like the Sun Sprinter crops but those are 3" longer (19" vs. 16") and I prefer the shorter crops. My store didn't have the solid black otherwise I would have bought them today.

I ended up buying myself the 105F Singlet in Angel Blue today. I ended up going two sizes down on this.  I probably could have been fine with just one size down. I happened to be wearing my Angel Energy bra so maybe it was trying it on with that but I liked it a lot better than the last time I tried it on. (Or it could be the fact it's been in the upper 90s/100+ most of the past two weeks.) I put a Ta Ta Tamer on, too, just to see if I could wear it with that but it looks awful with that bra. Too much of it is exposed at the top and the TTT isn't really a bra you show off. I'm trying to think of a way I can wear this to run in. I don't want to wear it on my long run tomorrow because my water belt will abrade it but I might be able to wear it on my mid-week treadmill runs. It's definitely a great tank for weight lifting or spin class.

Mini Strore Trip Report - New Blue Color Spotted

There is a new blue color out in the Hold It Against Me bra. The color code is SYBL which the eds thought might mean Sky Blue. The bra is shown against an Angel Blue tank for comparison. I believe this is the same blue used for Sea Wheeze items. I found a listing on ebay that gives the color code for the below shorts at SYBL but haven't found a tag to confirm this. I wonder if we'll be seeing more items in this color. I wouldn't mind a Cool Racerback in it.

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