Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More of the Latest

Angel Blue Team Spirit Tank from a SoCal product alert. I'm looking forward to trying this on but I think my preference for running in Swiftly tanks in hot weather is pretty defined now. I wore my Tame Me tank on my Sunday morning run and didn't think it breathed as well as Swiftly knit. However, I do like changing my look up so I still want to try this on.

Flash LS Swiftly and Cashew striped Fast and Free crops.

 Angel Define and matching Gather and Crow crops.

 Some outfit ideas. I like the Pigment Down Town Jacket with the matching leg warmers.

 Pigment Blue LW Swiftly

Pretty Pink Swifty tank with Speed Squad Skirt and Power Purple Swiftly tank.

Tonka Stripe Bordeaux Wunder Unders and More

Tonka Stripe Bordeaux Wunder Unders with the Sattva pullover. I thought these were the Sattva pants when I first saw the photo.

 Another photo of the Cashew Stripe Run Fast Crops, shown with the Flare Nothing But Run Pant.

 Angel Define with black denim pants (not sure which, though) and the new Seven Asanas bag.

 Tonka Stripe Pigment Power Y and Cashew Coal Denim Wunder Under Pants.

 Another woman who makes the Sattva jacket and pant look good.

I'm really liking this color of the Sprint Zip for the men.

Bordeaux Studio Pants Have Hit the Stores!

Good news for those near a store, the Bordeaux Studio Pants have arrived. This is from a Canadian store. Not sure about the US yet but will update.

Pinks Comparison

A reader asked for a comparison of the pale pinks. Here are a few items from my collection - Blush Quartz High Noon Dot CRB, Gather V tank in Pretty Pink/Neon Pink. The top headband is a Bangbuster in Pig Pink, Mesh Headwrap in Bubbilicious Pink, and Energy Bra in Pink Mist.

Pretty Pink Define, Pigment Pants, and More

Perfect layer tee, Milky Way Power Y, Pigment Blue Gather and Crow Crops.

Pretty Pink Define.

Cashew Every Yogi LS, Down Town Vest, Bordeaux Wunder Under pants.

I'm not a Sattva fan but it really works on this woman, as do most clothes on people who are tall and slender.  ;-)

 Nice close up of the toggle buttons on the Paddington jacket.

Pigment Blue Dense Purple Wunder Under Pants

Pigment In Stride, Cashew Stripe Fast and Frees, and More

This is more like it - photos of the latest technical wear to hit the stores. The new tonka stripe Pigment Blue In Stride Jacket. I really like this one.

Wild Cashew Tonka Stripe Fast and Free crops, shown with a new Pretty Pink Speed Squad tank.  I really like the trend of patterns and bright colors in the running crops. It's a lot of fun to watch these go by in races.

Tonka Stripe Pigment Power Y and black Wunder Under pants. I'm debating whether to get this Power Y (though I hate they are made of light luon now) or wait and hope for a Cool Racerback in this color.

New Wunder Under pants in Cashew Coal Slub Denim, shown with the Sattva pullover.

Angel Blue Inspire Crops and Pigment Swiftly LS.

 Angel Blue Gather and Crow Crops.

Angel Blue Running With My Homies Crop.