Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Latest

More Sattva Jacket and Pant photos. Kind of tired of looking at these sloppy-looking pieces. The more I see of them the less I like, especially for the price point. Hopefully, photos of the latest technical pieces will start popping up.

Sattva :Pullover photos.

The new Seven Days of Asana bag is $118. It's high but not outrageously high like the $148 Keep On Running Duffel.

A cute Paddington Jacket group.

Sattva Jacket and Pullover Photos and More

Sattva hoodie, Cashew stripe x-long Cool Racerback and Sattva pant

Sattva Pullover

I didn't realize the Presence of Mind LS had such a bit slit in it but I guess it does. Shown with the Sattva pant. I really like this and the Perfect Layer tee but the burnout material is so delicate and tends to pill easily, I hesitate to get it.

 Bordeaux Wunder Under Pants with Keep on Running Duffel and Pigment Paddington Softshell

Looking good in the tried and true - Angel Blue Define with matching Inspire Crops.

Spotted in Stores: Tonka Stripe Pigment Blue In Stride Jacket

I know it's not a Stride Jacket (the Stride has a hood) but a new Tonka Stripe Pigment Blue In Stride Jacket has hit the stores. There are rumors there may be an Angel Blue In Stride coming, too. (Thanks to Ms. D. for the photo.)

Australian/Product Alert Heads Up

Two new Team Spirit Tanks in Angel Blue and Pigment Blue showed up on the Australian side of the website. I don't think these came to my local store yet. I hope they do because I am dying to try it on. I am liking the Angel version a lot. I saw a woman run by in the black Team Spirit on in the Disneyland Half Marathon. Update - just saw in a Georgia product alert that both of these are hitting US stores - yay!

 The Pretty Pink Define we heard about last night (in the comments) is hitting stores.

From an Australian product alert - Swiftly Tanks and Short Sleeves in Pretty Pink (this is a photo of the Blush Quartz one, however.)

Pigment Tonka Stripe Power Y and More

A store in Pennsylvania just posted a photo of the Pigment Blue Tonka Stripe Power Y so they are not just for Strategic Partner stores. No word on the Pretty Pink and Bordeaux Tonka Stripe Cool Racerbacks, though.

The Angel Blue Define are hitting the stores. I tried this on this weekend. It is one of the super soft, super stretchy Defines like the Pow Pink.

Flare Tonka Stripe Whole Hearted Tank.

Some photos showing the inside of the Seven Days of Asana bag.

Pigment Relaxed Fit Crops. Shown with the Calm SS Tee.

Presence of Mind LS and Sattva pants.

Detail photos of the Sattva pants.

More Paddington Jacket photos showing some details.

Do On-Line Returns Get Inspected Before They Are Put Back On The Website?

A lot of times people are able to pick up sold-out items when the items get re-stocked from returns. You can tell an item is typically a return where there are only a couple of sizes or colors showing back up in the item. However, I've read numerous stories where there is a problem - usually a snag or makeup - with the restocked items. Here is a very, unfortunately, typical story:

"Just a heads up - always check your online merchandise out carefully (esp. on items that were randomly returned)! In the last 3 months or so, I picked up 3 items online that were randomly returned (showed up only on the website in 1 size for 1 item long after it was sold out). Of those 3 ---- 1 had an incorrect hang tag for the size of the item, 1 came with a huge snag on it, and 1 had a band aid stuck to the inside of it."

Reading the band aid story kinda killed breakfast for me. I get mistakes are made but I've read these stories frequently enough over the past year or so to think there is a process problem in the returns department that needs to be addressed.