Monday, September 10, 2012


Sattva jacket - kind of weird
Hmmm, nothing appealed to me tonight. Did you all get anything?

Photo - Sattva Pullover

Another photo of the Sattva pullover. You can see the Tencel panels in the side. Shown with the Warrior Pant.

Whole Hearted Tank, Sattva Pant, Paddington Jacket, and More

Flare Stripe Whole Hearted Tank. I don't think I've seen a photo yet where the neckline isn't wrinkled in the front. I'd like this much better without the stripes down the front and back.

The Sattva pant is shown with the Presence of Mind LS in these two photos. Also, shown with the two new colors of the Vinyasa scarf. I have to say I really like the look of the Seven Asanas bags in all these photos. I'll have to keep an eye out for it to hit markdown.

Close up of the Sattva pant, shown with the Cashew stripe Cool Racerback

More Sattva pant photos. I'm very curious to try these on since people are saying they're so comfy but $108 is a lot to pay for pants I'm just going to watch tv in.

 Cashew Vinyasa Scarf shown with either a Ray or Split Pea Swiftly tank.

More Paddington jacket photos.

NEW! Black Slub Denim Define, Sattva Pant, and More

Whole Hearted Tank in Angel Blue and a new Black Slub Denim/Tonka Stripe Define Jacket. Phew! A Define I don't feel the lust to own.

More Sattva Pant ($108) - french terry/merino blend - photos.

Cashew Tonka Stripe Vinyasa


More Paddington Softshell photos.

Whole Hearted Tank - Front and Back

Finally, a pair of big photos of the new Whole Hearted showing the front and back. This tank has a built in bra.

NEW! Sattva Pullover, Whole Hearted Tank, and More

New Sattva pullover.

  • throw this cozy, body temperature regulating top on to and from your favourite class
  • Merino Wool French terry is temperature regulating - and it's easy care; wash warm & tumble dry
  • due to the construction of this fabric, loops on the inside may snag when tugged or pulled - but don't worry as this won't affect the look or performance of this garment
  • loose fit and cropped length make this top perfect for layering
  • flat seamed for chafe-resistance & comfort
  • preshrunk
There is also a new hoodie, called the Sattva jacket for $128. It has tencel in the back and ends just below the waist. I don't have a usable photo of it yet.

 Finally, a photo of the front and back of the Whole Hearted Tank, in the Milky Way print. Shown with a black Seven Days of Asana bag.

Thanks to Ms. L for the photo.

 New Vinyasa scarf colors in Pigment and Cashew Tonka Stripe. They are $48.

Seven Days of Asana bags.

More Paddington photos. The general reaction to this seems to be it's overpriced. Here's to hoping for a quick price "adjustment" downwards.

Sattva Pant Pic

Photo of the new French Terry/Merino blend Sattava Pants. I'm hearing they are crazy comfy but be prepared to pay for it - they are $108.

Another Paddington Pic

Currant and Black Paddington Softshell Jackets ($248).

Paddington Pics, Sattva Pants, Seven Days Bag

The Bordeaux pants on the right are the Sattva, new Bordeaux sweater next to the Currant Paddington.
Thanks to Ms. J. for the tag photo.

This is a Milky Way Whole Hearted Tank under the Paddington Jacket.

More Paddington Softshell pics. A reader writes the price is $248 which is too rich for my blood. I like the look of the jacket a lot and if it does go to markdown I'd love to snap one up but not at the current price. It looks like it comes in Currant, Pigment Blue, and Black. I wonder if a Bordeaux and Cashew are coming.

The first fit report I've read says she sized down because the waist is not fitted and the upper back seems to poof out a bit. She also writes that part of it is lined in fleece, part in polyester.

More photos of the Seven Days of Asana bag.

Check out this lululemon cycling outfit. I really like it.

NEW! Paddington Softshell and Seven Days of Asana Bag

Ask and you shall receive - a photo of the new Paddington Softshell just popped up. It's just a tease, though.

New Seven Days of Asana bag. I like the look.

Men's Stuff

No new ladies stuff to post yet this morning, though I did hear about a new "Paddington" jacket being spotted in the stores. I don't have a photo of it yet but will post as soon as I find one. I'm liking the whole look on this guy: Sprint Zip in Black Iris Blue / Herringbone black running luon, black Sprint Jacket, and Training Pant in Coal. I saw the Sprint Jacket in the store this weekend. The zipper is kind of shiny but it's not as obviously shiny as the photos on the website make it look.