Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More of What's In The Stores

Black Star Runner Pullover

White burnout Perfect Layer tee and Bordeaux Studio Crops.

Flare Nothing But Run Jacket

Another view of the inside of the Bordeaux Keep On Running Duffel. Shown with the Cashew Right As Rain Jacket and  Bordeaux Wunder Unders.

The black Brisk Run Toque reverses to Cashew Stripe.

Bright At Night Crops details photos.

Gust Buster jacket details

I'm hoping some new stuff starts showing up in the next couple of days. None of this interests me that much.

Colorful Combos

The Pretty Pink (or is it Neutral Blush?) Down Town Jacket is pretty!

Cute combo - Split Pea Down Town Vest, black My Mantra LS, and Bordeaux Wunder Unders.

Pigment Gust Buster Vest and Relaxed Fit Pant, Tonka Stripe Cashew Every Yogi LS.

New Catch Me Tank Colors, Star Runner Pullover Photos, and More

New Catch Me Tanks in Cashew and Pigment, Star Runner Pullover in Angel, Star Runner SS in black.

Cashew Tonka Stripe Star Runner Pullover, shown with the Star Runner Tight (top photos). Also, the Pigment Star Runner PO.

Speed Squad tank with the Breath of Fire bra underneath. Shown with the Star Runner Tight.

 Pigment Speed Squad Tank and Milky Way Inspire Crops.

Flare Swiftly Zip and Bright At Night Crops

Make A Break Jacket, Star Runner Pullovers, and More

I like the Run: Make A Break Jacket on both of these women.

A great shot of the intertior of the Bordeaux Drama Keep on Running Duffel. The whole outfit: Cashew Star Runner LS, Cashew Tonka Stripe Bangbuster, and Running with My Homies pant.

Some good photos showing the Bordeaux interior of the Flare Right As Rain Jacket.

Catch Me Tank in Cashew Tonka Stripe

Running With My Homies Cuff Detail

With Angel Star Runner LS
With Currant Make a Break Jacket
I was thinking the Running With My Homies pant was being shown on tall women but it seems it's one of those odd-length pants that we used to call "floods" as kids.

Good photo showing all the reflectivity on the new run stuff.

Cashew Tonka Stripe Star Runner SS and Pigment Bright At Night Shorts

 Pigment Star Runner  Pullover and Gust Buster Vest
 Star Runner Pigment Pullover
Pigment Nothing But Run Jacket

Pretty combo - white Gust Buster Vest, Angel Star Runner LS, and Star Runner Tights.

Bordeaux Drama Define and matching Studio Crops. I took the tags off my Bordeaux Define today.

Scoop Me Up Tanks with the Milky Way Inspires.

Men's Cadence Softshell - I kind of like it.