Sunday, September 2, 2012

More of the Latest Plus All the New Bags for School

Angel Star Runner SS. My store did not have these the other day.

Bright at Night Pants with the Currant Down Town Vest and Gray LS Swiftly top.

Down Town Puffy Jacket and Vest.

Pigment Tonka Stripe Calm SS Tee. Shown with Pigment Cool Racerback and what looks like older Static Charocal Still Pants.

Photo of the new bags in case you want a new one for college for yourself or your child. I love lulu bags for the gym - roomy and tons of pockets - but not sure it's durable enough for school if you have to carry a ton of heavy stuff. (I personally love Dakine for my kids - they wear like iron - and have things like padded backs and cooler pockets.) Bags shown: Yogo Moto Messenger, Best Practice Pack, Wet Coast Backpack, and Om Tote.

Cheering at the Disneyland Half Today

Lots of racers on the course at a ~three-hour-plus pace
Heading into Angel Stadium
LLL was well-represented at the race
If any of you ran the Disneyland Half Marathon you might have spotted me at the Angel Stadium cheer area. I wasn't hard to miss, I was wearing a Flare Light CRB with a Pow Pink Define and my Sea Wheeze plaid cap. I wanted to dress brightly so my husband could find me easily. I noticed some lulu-wearing ladies giving my outfit the up-down as they ran by, the way fellow lulu fans do when they spot each other. One thing that was interesting to me was that there was probably a good 20% of women wearing lululemon in the two hour and under pace groups and then the amount of lululemon trailed off and became rather rare at the three-plus hour paces. There were a lot of women wearing skirts, way more than I spotted at the Sea Wheeze. (The Running Skirts Facebook site has a lot of photos from the race. You can see the #3 female finisher is wearing lululemon shorts.) Of course, there were lots of people in costumes which was fun to see. My husband said it was a fun course with a lot of entertainment along the way. He really enjoyed the race but he started in the A corral and had a relatively empty race course. I was surprised how crowded the race was even at the three and half hour pace mark. It looks like I'll have plenty of company at the back of the race when I run the Disney World Half Marathon in January though from the results it looks like the DW crowd is a faster crowd than DL. My plan is to pick up the Coast to Coast medal in 2013 so I'll be running the Disneyland Half race next Labor Day weekend.

More Flare Accent Speed Short Photos

Pretty new Speed Shorts that are still only in Australia (I believe). I think the color is cashew tonka stripe with Flare accents but it could be coal. Shown with Flare Light Cool Racerback.

The Hot Spell Shorts also come in Split Pea.