Thursday, August 30, 2012

Milky Way Scuba and More

New Milky Way print Scuba.

 I need to add the Currant Bangbuster to my collection.

Brisk  Run Heaband and Toque. They are both made of running luon which means they're super soft and cozy on chilly days.
 Another photo of the latest Goove (I think) waistbands.
Brisk Run gloves in the Pigment Stripe.

Bordeaux vs. Plum Mini Check Pique Define

A nice comparison photo of the new Bordeaux Define to last year's Plum Mini Check Pique Define. (Thanks to Ms. K for the photo.)

NEW Milky Way Print Pacesetter Skirt

New Pacesetter Skirt in the Milky Way print. Shown with the Track Time Jacket.

NEW! Star Runner Tights, Bright At Night Tights, Star Runner SS, and More

Inspired by... car air filters?

I don't have a full length view of the new Star Runner Tights yet, only pieces of it.  They are a new full-length luxtreme running tight.

Shown with the Downtown Puffy Jacket in Pigment.
Photos of the new Bright at Night  luxtreme running tights.

New running luon short sleeve run top called the Star Runner SS. It's $78.

I'm kind of excited to see the Currant Bangbuster (next to the Bordeaux one) and the new Tonka Stripe Pigment Swiftly one. I assume the Pigment Swiftly tops will also be striped.

 New Currant Catch Me Tank.

New Pretty Pink In Stride Jacket with the Currant Catch Me Tank underneath.

New Bordeaux Drama Define.

NEW! Downtown Puffy Jacket

Downtown Puffy Jacket in Currant

New Downtown Puffy down jacket, $228. It looks pretty cute and normal in the above photos, but wait for it....

Ta Da!!! The sleeves turn One of the captions mentions they expand to make room for layering and ventilation. I guess cuffins on everything adds a lot of bulk but this amount of expansion seems excessive. Anyway, it's kind of a minor nit in an otherwise cute but pricey jacket.

Pigment Downtown Puffy Jacket. Shown with new Bright At Night Pant

Shown with new Star Runner SS running luon top

Bonded Angel Blue Cool Racerback

From Australis - bonded Angel Blue Cool Racerback . I think this version is solid and not heathered but I'm not sure.

Aussie Heads Up - New Speeds and Flare Pace Setter Skirt

Some of the new items that have popped up in Australia. I think the speeds are Coal Tonka Stripe with Flare accents but I will confirm. The bottom is the Flare Pace Setter skirt.