Monday, August 27, 2012


Only a Bordeaux Drama Bangbuster for me. I was kind of looking for a pair of Bordeaux Wunder Under crops but I didn't spot any. A Bordeaux CRB would be nice, too, but I don't even know if that exists.

What did you get?

The banners were changed out but nothing looks too exciting. I have plenty of Bold and Wish Blue items from the past so this new batch of Pigment Blue is doing nothing for me. The two-tone pullover in the bottom is not very interesting, either. I dislike such a contrasting two-tone look in my run pullovers.

Plum Vs. Bordeaux

A great comparison photo showing Plum Wunder Unders on the left and the new Bordeaux Drama Wunder Unders on the right. (Thanks to Ms. Q for the photo.)

NEW! Hot Spell Bra, Milky Way Scoop Me Up, and More

A peek of the new Hot Spell bra underneath the 105F Singlet and crops.

New Milky Way Scoop Me Up Tank

Top Photo - 105FBra and Shorts. More photos of the new 105F shorts. This outfit is for hot yoga.

Photo of the Hot Spell One Piece on the lulu model. The cutouts are positioned to visually add 6" to your hips. You know it's not a good cut when it makes the model look bad.

New Black and Milky Way No Limit Tank.

 New Bordeaux Drama and Pigment Blue Relaxed Fit Pants are coming.

 The new Pigment Blue Cool Racerback does not have the black stripe down the side.

New Tonka Stripe Angel Blue Swiftly LS

Another color in the new Eternal Leg Warmers

Good photo of the Serenity Sweater in the sun showing the texture of the fabric.

Great photo showing the details of the Bordeaux Drama 105F

Breath of Fire Skirt and Hot Spell tank

105 F Singlet and Crops in bright sunlight

Hot Spell Tank and 105F Crops

105F Bra and crops

105F Bra, Bordeaux Drama Studio Crops, Breath of Fire Shorts, Angel Define, Cashew Stripe Wunder Unders, and More

New 105F bra in Angel Blue and black, shown with the 105F crops. There is also a Bordeaux Drama/Pretty pink version of the bra, too.

Hot Spell tank with the 105F crops

Hot Spell Tank with Breath of Fire Skirt (I think)

 In the top row - Hot Spell Tank shown with new luxtreme Breath of Fire shorts. In the bottom row - the 105F Singlet and Crops.

Hot Spell Tank with luxtreme Hot Spell Shorts (I think this is the name. These shorts were called two different things in photos I've seen.)

Hot Spell Tank with 105F Crops

Shown with the Serenity Sweater
 More Hot Spell Tank photos. The tank has a luxtreme bra and mesh abdomen.

The Heathered Angel/Tonka Stripe (in the symbol and collar) Define has hit Canada. I'm thinking it will be uploaded tonight. It's very tempting.

New Cashew/Heathered Black Tonka Stripe Wunder Under crops.

You can see a small portion of the new Pigment Blue Cool Racerback in the top left photo. The more I look at this the more I think I want it. I wonder if that will be uploaded tonight. Also shown are new heathered Pigment leg warmers and a new Milky Way print luon headband.

 So, so tempting! New Bordeaux Drama Studio Crops. Ooh - just read there are also Pigment Blue DSCs out, too.

New Pigment Blue OM Tote.

The new Serenity Sweater is long enough to be a dress but low cut enough so you can flash your bra at people ( ;-)  ) when you're out and about.

More 105F Singlet and Crop photos.