Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Flare Scuba, Bordeaux Wunder Unders, and More

Great photo of the Split Pea Swiftly.

Bordeaux Drama Wunder Unders and Rest Day Pullover.

Photos of the Flare Scuba. This is totally calling my name.

Fossil Twisted Stripe/Split Pea Speed Shorts

Split Breath of Fire Bra with Fossil Twisted Stripe Speed Shorts.

Some colorful combos - Dense Purple Virtue Energy pant shown with the Angel Turbo tank and Flare Stripe Power Y. Currant Groove pants shown with an Angel Turbo tank and Bordeaux Turbo tank.

 Split Pea Fast and Free Crops close up.

 Milky Way Cool Racerback and Carry and Go crops.

Photo showing the striped pattern of the Split Pea Turbo Tank.

More of the Latest

Split Pea Turbo shorts, shown with Angel Blue Cool Racerback.

Pretty Pink Energy bra, shown with Power Purple Groove Shorts. BTW, the Energy Bra has been restocked in all sizes and colors on the US Side of the website so if you missed out on the Angel one now is your chance to get it. I can't tell you how much I love my Angel Energy bra. I wish they'd put out the Energy in Flare or some other bright color other than Currant. I have a new found love for the Energy.

Shown with the Power Purple Vinyasa Scarf
The Flare Stripe Power Y is calling my name. Maybe if there are some left at the beginning of September.

Flare Stripe Cool Racerback

Great comparison photo of Flash/Dune Wee Stripe (left) to the new Flare/ Heathered Flare Stripe Cool Racerback. (Thanks to Ms. T for the photo.)

Another good photo showing the patterns in the new Cool Racerbacks - heathered Split Pea, Flare/Heathered Flare, and Heathered Angel Blue. The heathering is very faint.

Split Pea Turbo shown with Deep Cranbury Slub Denim Wunder Under Pants.

Heathered Pretty Pink / Wee Stripe White Fossil Every Yogi LS shown with Currant Groove Pants.

New Groove quilted waistband, shown with Angel Turbo tank.

 Tried and true combo - Power Purple Swiftly LS and matching Inspire Crops.

I am just loving this combo - Black/Split Pea Scuba with Split Pea Cool Racerback and black Groove Pants.

Some more Warrior Pant photos. Shown with a black Turbo tank and Heathered Power Purple Cool Racerback.

More Virtue Energy Pant photos.

Shown with the Presence of Mind Jacket
More Carry and Go Pant photos.

Track Time Jacket

 Dense Purple Ziggy Wee Caspian Define Jacket

Nothing But Run Jacket in Blazer Fossil Print and Power Purple