Thursday, August 16, 2012

Photos of the Latest

The first photo I've seen of the Presence of Mind Jacket in Deepest Cranberry.

More Presence of Mind Jacket photos.
Pigment Blue Scoop Me Up with the Milky Way Wunder Unders

Shown with the Verve Pant in Deep Cranberry Denim

Shown with the Speed Squad Skirt

Shown with Black Verve Pants

Shown with Angel Blue Astro Pants

New Scoop Me Up Tanks in Pigment Blue and Split Pea.

Dense Purple/Ziggy Wee Caspian Define Jacket

 The Rest Day Pullovers are back.

Based on the color options and name I'd say the Ride On Anorak in Dazzling was supposed to be released with the first batch of commuter capsule stuff. I wonder why it was held back.

Speed Squad Short in Flare

Shown in Fossil Twisted Stripe

Shown with the Nothin But Run Jacket

Shown in Power Purple and Flare

Shown in Fossil and Flare
Speed Squad shorts and skirt photos.

 Verve Pant photos. I'll have to remember to try these on when I am next at the store.

I took the tags off my new Light Flare Cool Racerback today. I just love this color even if it is crazy bright. I even went overboard and paired it with my Pow Pink Define. It's one of the softer CRBs.