Monday, August 13, 2012


Ooh, kind of tempting but this is a color I need to see in person. I was hoping to see it tonight at the store but they didn't have any Split Pea. I ended up going home with a Flare CRB. It was bright but not as bright as Flash and I think I am infected with bright-clothes fever left over from the Sea Wheeze anyway. It looked nice against my race tan. The Flare CRB was super soft and felt like CRBs of a few years ago.

The Milky Way Multi CRB is something I need to see in person also but I tend to like blotchy prints like these.

I kind of like the idea of the Presence of Mind Jacket but wish it was longer in the back.

 I like the Pull Me Over Hoodie but it need to be 8" longer and have full length sleeves. No back panels of tencel, either.

The Ray Scuba is super fun but I think I'd like a Split Pea one better.

 Dang! I am so tempted by this Split Pea Swiftly. I have Antidote (yellowy-green) one already so I can live without it but it's such a different color.

So many interesting items uploaded tonight. I really want to get the Currant Define but want to see it in person first. I also love the Split Pea Swiftly but also need to see that in person. I am also extremely tempted by the Angel Blue Energy bra but I do have four of them already. I've spent so much on new lulu on my vacation I really can't get anything else no matter how cute. What did you all buy?

Flare and Power Purple

 Flare Cool Racerback with Power Purple Wunder Unders - a wild combo.

 Blazer Fossil Virtuous Tank

 Heathered Power Purple and Flare Cool Racerback. 

Power Purple No Limit tank. I was so tempted to get this the other day but the visiting the Lab and the Sea Wheeze store drained my wallet.

Another Bike Capsule - Pedal Power, New Coco Soft Shell, & New Print

Spotted in US Stores already - a new fall bike capsule. These pieces actually came out Friday but I'm a bit behind on the posting about the latest. I don't have a lot of details other than photos and prices but I'll update as I can.

This is the Pedal Power Rain Jacket and it's a wallet-busting $248. Bike commuting is pretty big in the northwest as I've learned on vacation.  I can't say I spotted any commuters wearing lululemon in either the Seattle area or Vancouver, though. For one thing, most of the bike commuters I saw were men.  The no-lululemon thing might be remedied soon, however. I hear lululemon is going to be coming out with some men's bike stuff.

 The jacket folds up so you can wear it bandolier-style across your body.

Shown with the Pedal Power Tight, luon, $98
New Pedal Power long sleeve in running luon, $108. Shown in Currant and Nuetral Blush (I think). Now this I might like. The last bike running luon top was a tent but this one looks much nicer - loose but no tent. It looks like it would make a nice lounge top. I definitely want to try this on.
Pedal Power Windshirt, $128 and Pedal Power Tight, $98. The Wind Shirt looks interesting but Ms. Q always makes everything look good. I'll have to see this on a few more people to get a better idea of the cut.

Pedal Power Pant, $128

New  Coco Soft Shell Jacket, $228

Hidden in plain site on the website - a new print Wunder Under. It looks like one of the blotchy tie-dye types. I am definitely intrigued.

New Power Purple seamless Speed Shorts. I actually saw a lot of people running the Sea Wheeze in their free dotted seamless shorts. I know people complained about chafing from the sharp edges but it seems it might not be a huge issue.

Bright At Night Shorts and Currant Swiftly

 Thanks to Ms. Q. for all the photos and price information.