Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photos of the Latest

Cute boogie shorts in Ziggy Wee Caspian.

I've read fit reports that the new Every Yogi LS is super soft. It's tempting me....

Another color in the Every Yogi but I'm not sure what exactly this is but it could be Caspian.

Shown with the Flare Ziggy Wee CRB and what I think are Deep Indigo Diversity Wunders but not sure about that.

Shown with Denim Dense Purple (I think) Gather and Crop Crops
Photos of the new Currant In Stride Jacket.

Currant Studio Crops. I wasn't loving the Flare Ziggy Wee Cool Racerback by itself but I really like how it looks against Currant and Deepest Cranberry.

Deja Vu Scarf in Deepest Cranberry. I wonder if we'll see clothing in Cranberry. I would love a Define and a running luon long sleeve in this color.

 Flare Ziggy Wee Cool Racerback

Ziggy Wee overload

FYI - Currant Cool Racerback Now on the US Website

FYI - The Currant Cool Racerback has been uploaded to the US Side of the website. I just ordered mine.

Australian Heads Up

Australia got a number of items North America didn't on Monday night. Though, Canada did get the Currant Cool Racerback. I'm kind of hoping a Power Purple Swiftly tank shows up but am thinking there is a good chance it might not. If the Currant CRB shows up in stores this week or on-line next week, I think I am going to get it this time around.