Thursday, July 26, 2012

NEW! Om Tote and More

New Om Tote bag. I like the Currant color a lot.

From Australia - new Venus Tank in Fossil Blazer print.

Also from Australia but I don't know if this is new or not. It's a heathered white Scuba with a red logo. The heathered white Scuba on the website now has a white logo.

Photo of the Bruised Berry Inspire Crops. I've read fit reports that the mesh used in this version was not circle mesh so people put them back on the shelf. So many changes to so many favorites (Power Y, Scoop Neck, Flow Y, Inspire Crops, Groove pants. It's a shame that core items are being altered so significantly.) Shown with the Light As Air singlet.

Caspian Blue Swiftly and Currant Wunder Unders. Such an unexpected pairing but I like the color combo.

Sun Runner Hybrid Pullover shown with the Light As Air skirt in two color combos: White/Pop Orange and Pow/Mirage Print.

From an Australian store - the heathered pop Orange Define. I'm starting to wonder if this will make it to North America after all.

My Kira Grace Stuff Came Today - Quick Fit Report

Kira Grace Yoga Warrior Stance Tank in Watermelon
I got some items from Kira Grace today. This isn't the full review since I like to wear and wash the items a few times to get a feel on the durability but I thought I'd write down a few quick impressions. The tank is the Warrior Yoga Stance Tank in Watermelon. The material in this tank felt very luon-like. In fact, "vintage" luon - the same thickness and weight as regular luon, with good coverage of lumps and bumps but very soft like older luon. I mapped into the large but I'd say the fit on this tank is similar to a Power Y (the old Power Y not the new light-luon version) - very fitted.  The material is a nice thickness and has good compression (like full weight luon) so it holds you in and smooths over the lumps and bumps. I thought the breathabity/wicking was on par with luon. All in all, this fabric is a winner. The fabric content in 87% nylon, 13% spandex. The built in bra is similar to older lulu (circa 2008 and earlier) with a one inch heavy duty bra elastic. The elastic is snug so provides good support. There are no cups but the bra area is triple-lined for modesty. As for the style, it's very cute but it's pretty low cut in front and through the armpit. Since I am busty (36DD) I had quite a bit of cleavage showing. It's more than I normally show but ok for the weights workout I did this afternoon while wearing it. The straps offer decent support but I had to pull them up as I got sweatier during my workout. I'm actually still wearing the tank right now - it's very comfortable. The Watermelon color is just gorgeous, too. The seams are all flat seamed and the stitching looked flawless. I love the material so much I think I would like to try another tank in it, most likely the Goddess Yoga Sexy tank since that says the material is compressive like the Stance Tank and the style looks like it would offer good coverage.

Kira Grace Goddess Yoga Halter
Kira Grace also sent me the Goddess Yoga Halter to try but in the wrong size. The material in this tank is much lighter in weight and thickness, more like light luon but softer, and the fabric content is 92% nylon/8% lycra. The bra elastic is also made of heavyweight one inch elastic. The purple color reminds me of luluemon's Jellybean. The side seams and decorative seams are not flat stitched but I'm not sure that matters in this tank since the material is so soft.

I have a question into Kira Grace asking them to identify the heavier vs. the lighter weight tanks for us. From the website descriptions it seems that the Stance and Goddess Yoga Sexy tank are the heavier weight (described as "compressive"). From the way the material drapes and the flat seaming in the photos of the Warrior Yoga T-Back tank, I think that is made of the heavier material, too, though the description doesn't state it's compressive. If I find out it is, I definitely want to order that tank since the back is so interesting. If you go to Kira Grace's facebook page you can see quite a few photos of the tanks on non-models to get a better idea of the fit.

Warrior Yoga Capri Legging
I also got the Warrior Yoga Capri Legging. I loved the fit on this - super flattering. The rise was just right, kind of like the Wunder Groove crop. The waistband was nice and wide and didn't give me muffin top. There is a pocket in the waistband just like on Wunder Unders. The crops also fit my bedonkadonk rear quite nicely and did not slide down at all as I did a warmup on the treadmill and stair master before my weights workout. The little cutouts are cute and provide some ventilation. I really liked that they were different than anything else anyone was wearing in the gym. The gusset is triangle-shaped but it sits more forward than lulu's new gusset. It didn't give me CT. The material is similar in weight to that used in Wunder Unders. The content is 88% nylon/12% spandex. I thought the black material was not as soft as the Watermelon material used in the Stance Tank. It kind of feels like supplex nylon a little but softer than that. I'm wondering if it might soften up a little with washing. I thought the material felt very breathable. My husband said he could see the outline of my underwear a bit when I bent over but it wasn't too bad. However, I am pushing the top end of the measurement on these bottoms. If you are within the size range I think the bend-over test won't be an issue. A reader commented that she has no sheerness problems in the Jade version she has in these crops. Another reader commented that she ordered them in black and watermelon and had no sheerness but her friend who is thicker in the rear did. All the seams are flat stitched and flawlessly finished. FWIW, the crotch area didn't develop any sueding or pills during the few hours I wore them. It's not much of a test but sometimes lulu bottoms pill up right away. I definitely am interested in trying another bottoms style.

Kira Grace is made in the USA. I'm trying to collect all the comments you guys have made on this brand. Instructors get a 15% discount and there are periodic sales. I'll have a more detailed review with photos of the construction, measurements, and some reports on how it wears and washes. I think a few of you have ordered some pieces from Kira Grace so feel free to chime in. My initial impression is that Kira Grace is a definite contender for lululemon's customers and if you are looking to stray check them out.