Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photos of the Latest

I'm reading the new Scubas are extra soft. I don't think I will see any in my local stores until January. That's when they came out last year in Southern California.

Light as Air Sleeveless. I just find the cut of this too boxy. I can see wanting a loose fitting top for running but this is kind of blah. I also can't get into wearing the Swift fabric as a tank. I'm still loving running in my Swiftly tanks. Come on Power Purple Swiftly tank!

Speaking of Power Purple Swiftlys, isn't this a Power Purple Swiftly headband? I saw a photo of this before and wrote it off as Bruised Berry but now that I see it next to a Power Purple tank and have seen photos of LS Power Purple Swiftly top it has to be PP. Power Purple Swiftly, you will be mine.

 Currant Wunder Under Crops. I'm reading these are kind of sheer.

 Silver Luxtreme Power Y with Currant WU pants. The luxtreme Power Y is really calling to me. Hang on to August. My lulu spending rolls over then.

White Sun Runner Hybrid top and Currant WU pants.

Pow Turbo Shorts.

Upcoming Lulu Items

Another heads up from Australia -Ziggy Wee Gray pattern Wunder Under pants. I'm not sure if I like this pattern or not.

I forgot to post these the other day. They are new Trekanasana pants (I think I spelled that right). I seem to remember these popping up in a product alert from a store outside North America but I'm drawing a blank.