Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Unity Pullover Photos

Only in Australia, but some photos of the new Unity Pullover. It comes in Fossil and Black.

Odd & Ends and Hints from Australia

Currant Swiftly headband. I may need to add this to my Swiftly headband collection. It'll look cute with my gray Swiftly tops.

 I didn't know the new Catch Me tank had a key pocket in the bra - cool!

Nice closeup of the new quilted waistband on Wunder Unders. Shown with a Pow Trinity Bra. Love this combo.

 Some hints of upcoming items from the Australian side of the website: Blazer Fossil Cool Racerback. Not sure if I like this print or not. It will require a try on.
 Currant Power Y

 Fall Quilt 11 Wunder Unders, includes Deep Coal, Currant, and Caspian Blue. It looks like we'll be seeing items in Currant/Deep Coal Slub Denim.

New Boolux Pullover called the Unity Pullover. It's kind of cute but no way am I paying lulu prices for this.

Currant Wunder Under Photos

I didn't feel the need to own Currant Wunder Unders until I saw this photo. I want to look like a cool yogi like this woman. I have a problem with Currant because I can't think of colors to pair with it. Um, black, white, gray, and ....? Pink?  The red just seem a bit too Christmassy to me but I know a lot of people are loving them. I am looking forward to seeing how people incorporate them into their workout wardrobes because I am a bit stumped.
 Shown with the Blazer Fossil No Limit Tank. (white, gray)

 Shown with Fossil Seaside Dot Cool Racerback (black, white, gray)

Ok, what color top is this? Pop Orange?

 Shown with black
Shown with white and gray

Light As Air Sleeveless Top and Skirt

Shown with the Light As Air Skirt
Photos of the new Light As Air Sleeveless top in fossil/white denim and pop orange.

Photos of the new Light As Air Skirt.

The Latest Scubas

Photo of the latest Scubas out in the stores - Caspian Blue, Portapottie (this is actually an older color come back for a curtain call), Heathered White, Currant, and Black.

You knew someone would go there, didn't you?

Very Green Lanternish

 Caspian Blue Scuba
Heathered White Scuba

Sun Runner Hybrid Photos

Photos of the new Sun Runner Hybrid Top. It comes in Pow, White, and Black. My wallet is safe from this top.

Photo - New Currant vs. Old Currant

A great photo showing that the latest version of Currant is slightly different that the version that was out last fall. On the left is Tango Red. On the top right is a Currant CRB from last year and on the bottom right are the new Currant Wunder Unders that just came out. Thanks to Wiewiek for the photo.

Lulu Statement About Decling Quality

I was out at a water park all day so playing catch up right now. My initial feeling is "eh." It's not the most reassuring letter. I'm not getting why they are so puzzled by these problems. If they are continuing to use the same manufacturers then they must not be inspecting them as much as they used to or they relaxed their standards quite a bit and are getting exactly what they asked for. I'm betting on the latter. They asked for lower quality/lower price point and they are getting it. At least we consumers have put them on notice that we also have noticed are not going to quietly put up with it. I guess we'll see what happens.