Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today's Shopping Trip

I went to the store to return the Pop Orange CRB I ordered (it's too neon for me) and tried on some of the new things. The Pow Pink Define is super soft - I know people were worrying about that. It's also one of the thinner and stretchier Defines I've tried on, kind of like the Surge one from last summer. I'm on the fence as to whether I will keep mine when it arrives. I think I need to try it on with a bunch of my stuff to see what kind of combos I can make. I know it will sell out fairly quickly. Paris Pink Defines have been going for insane money on Ebay so I can always sell the Pow if I don't want to keep it.

I tried on the Spit Singlet and was not a fan. The material is super lightweight but the seams on the side are the glued Nakedseam ones. They were sharp when I rubbed my arms on them as I pantomimed running in the dressing room. The back is too long and the front too short. If the top was more equally proportioned I might have given it a shot but it's just too odd and I'm pretty content with Swiftly racerbacks right now. I thought the fit was very roomy, perhaps even a size big.

I also tried on the Team Spirit SS top. It's a nice top but I didn't feel the lust to get it. The open back gaped and sagged on me since I have narrow shoulders. If I could get it on markdown at a good price I might snap the Lilac one up but I have enough short sleeve shirts for now. I thought the fit was roomy TTS.

Engage bra pocket
I tried on the Engage bra and the website is right - it's for B and C-cup ladies. It did not contain my DDs well. The band was kind of tight and I was squishing out of the armpit area. The straps are really stretchy so not very supportive. I wish they had put extra elastic in them. I like the pocket idea but it's in a weird area on the inside of the bra. I'd like it placed a little higher, like in my old Deep V bra:

"Vintage" Deep V bra with iPod pocket

I also tried on the Nada Jacket. It's super light weight but the arms are attached oddly - kind of part way down the arm so they pull when you pump your arms - or in the case of all these photos, put your arm on your hips. The body is super square and boxy. The sleeves made deliberately short and I can't understand why that is. Lulu does tend to make super long sleeves but not sure why I want sleeves that end an inch or two above my wrist. Not a flattering silhouette at all.

I ended up going home with a Mirage Print lucky luon headband. This one is very soft and stretchy unlike a lot of my other Lucky Luon headbands. I had to search around for one that had a nice blotch of Pow and Pop Orange on the front. I forgot about trying on the Roll Down shorts everyone has been raving until I was already out of the dressing room and I had to get home for swim lessons. I'll have to remember them for next time.

Spotted in Stores: Caspian Blue Swiftly

Spotted in stores in Canada - the pale blue Swiftly that is on the lulu website. It's called Caspian Blue. This will be an easy pass for me. I am not a pastel person and the light Swiftlys are kind of see -through. (Thanks to Donna for the photo.)

Also, I'm reading on my boards that the Mirage Print Wunder Unders that are white at the top and have the print at the bottom of the leg are manufacturer error and are getting sent back. If you got a pair of these you should be able to return them.