Monday, July 9, 2012


Some goodies people have been waiting for showed up tonight. I ordered the Pow Pink Define. Now I need to figure out what to see to be able to keep this. ;-)  What did you all order tonight?

Engage Bra, New Pacesetter Skirts, and Lots More

Photo of the new Engage Bra. It has a small stash posck at the top of inside of the bra. I have a couple of older Swift (really old) and Deep V bras with this feature and it was great. I could put my Ipod Nano (3rd, 4th? generation - the skinny one) in there. They should stick this pocket in all their bras.

New Pacesetter skirts in the Mirage and Pow stripe prints. My sources tell me that the Pink Stripe is 2-way stretch and the Mirage print is 4-way stretch. (Thanks to Tiffany for the photo/info.)

Here are the new bow headbands on people. Not really loving them in this photo. Maybe you have to have your hair up or something (or actually be twelve).

New Wunder Unders - not Diversity WU - in the Mirage Print. Shown with a Deep Indigo Optimal Tank.

New Sun Sprinter Crops in Deep Indigo/ Mirage Print

Two new Inspire Crops in Deep Indigo/Mirage Print and Black/Pow Pink/Silver

 The V-Neck Pop Orange Swiftly has hit North America. Shown with the Roll Down Shorts.

 Photos of the new Roll Down Shorts.

 New shopper totes celebrating the Sea Wheeze
V-neck Pow Swiftly and Speed Shorts

Photos: Run: Split Singlet

Shown with the Light As Air Shorts

Shown with Light As Air Shorts. Also shown is the Pop Orange Split Singlet.

Shown with new Indigo/Mirage Print Inspire crops

Photos of the new Run: Split Singlet in the Mirage Print. This new tank style intrigues me. I definitely want to try it on but I'm not sure about the big difference in length between the front and the back. I'm also not sure if I'd like the Swift material as a tank.

More photos of the Pop Orange Split Singlet:

Shown with Light As Air Shorts

Shown with Roll Down Shorts

Shown with Roll Down Shorts

Shown with Roll Down Shorts

Photos - Pow Pink Tie and Fly Tank

Shown with the Light as Air short

Shown with the Roll Down Short. New Engage bra in the lower left.
The new Pow Pink Tie and Fly tank is tempting me to take another look at it. I thought the style was ok when I tried it on but didn't totally love it, especially since I already have several silverescent tanks. I might be able to love it in this color.

Photo - Run: Nada Jacket

Shown with the new Indigo/Mirage Sun Sprinter crops

Shown with Light As Air Shorts

Shown with the Pow Tie and Fly Tank underneath

Shown with the new Roll Down Short. The other girl is wearing the Split Singlet and Light as Air Short

Tons of photos of the new Run: Nada Jacket. It's made of Ultra Light Swift. It looks like an okay run jacket though the sleeves look on the short side.