Friday, July 6, 2012

The Latest

A rare photo of the Mirage Print Run For Your Money Tank.

From Australia - Indigo/Mirage Print Dash Tights.

Also from Australia, another photo of the pink striped Pacesetter Skirt.

Deep Indigo Gather and Crow Crops, Pow Pink Cool Racerback and Mirage Print Lucky Luon headband.

The Wanderful Flare pants look so good on taller ladies.

 New Response Shorts in Black Iris, not Navy as I identified them yesterday.

New men's Metal Tech Vent shirt with a print on the back. Looks like blotchy sweat marks - lol.

My Order Came Today

Monday's order came today. This photo is blurry but I posted it mainly to show the difference in color between the Pop Orange Swiftly and the solid Pop Orange Cool Racerback. The CRB is definitely in the neon family. I like it but I can live without it since I have the Swiftly.

Pow Light Swiftly, Paris Swiftly, Pow Cool Racerback
The other two tanks I ordered were the Pow Light Swiftly and the Pow CRB. I am definitely keeping the Pow CRB. I have been selling off my solid CRBs for some time now - I seem to like the patterns and prints lately - so this will be a rare departure for me. However, Pow is a pink that really calls to me. I am keeping the Pow Light Swiftly for now but it is close to the Paris Swiftly. I like it a lot but if something more tempting comes out in the next two weeks I will sacrifice it.

FWIW, the Pow CRB is made in Canada. Both the Pop Orange and Pow CRBs are the standard 92% nylon / 8% lycra blend. Some people have said they were kind of scratchy. They definitely aren't super soft like heathered or older CRBs but I don't find them out of family with the CRBs of the past six months/one year.