Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebs in Lululemon: Kelly Osbourne

Not who I'd expect to see wearing lululemon - Kelly Osbourne in the Maxi Dress. That's pretty cool. I wonder what she wore under it. Thanks to Marissa for sending me the link.

Upcoming and the Latest

More Sun Runner Hybrid Pullvoer shots from London. I'm dying to see what this looks like from the back.

Also, from the UK, it looks like there might be a Pow Pink Define coming. However, the product notice used the photo for the Paris one. It's not unusual for product notices to get colors wrong so there might not be a Pow Define after all but I would think there will be.

From an Australian store - a long sleeve Pow Swiftly. Soooo tempting.

The Pop Orange and Pow V-neck Swiftlys. 

Turbo shorts in Deep Indigo/Mirage Print

 Deep Indigo Ebb and Flow Crops. Shown with the Deep Indigo Slub Denim In Stride Jacket.

Deep Indigo Slub Denim Stride, shown with Pop Orange Power Y tank, and Deep Indigo Ebb and Flow Crops.

Pop Orange Power Y with Deep Indigo Ebb and Flow Crops

Mirage Print Lucky Luon headband. I really hope the Bangbuster is coming in this print.

Pop Orange Swiftly tank with the Mirage Print Speeds

Mirage Extra Long Cool Racerback with a regular CRB in Pop Orange layered on top. Shown with the Indigo Diversity Wunder Under Crops.

 New Men's Response Shorts in Navy.

 The Mat comes in Pow Pink with Deep Indigo on the other side.

Another photo of the new print in the Distance Hat.

Ivivva Showroom Coming to Orange County

Recently posted on the Ivivva Facebook site - a hint about where a new Ivivva showroom will go in Orange County. There is also an ad on Craigslist looking for a manager. Shown are photos of Balboa Island in Newport Beach, Corona del Mar, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, and the Irvine Spectrum shopping center. Since a showroom is open only part time, I find it hard to believe that lulu would pay rent at the Spectrum or Fashion Island shopping centers for it. The last OC showroom was down in Laguna so I am thinking perhaps the new Ivivva showroom will be in Corona del Mar. I guess we'll find out.