Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Australian Goodies - V-Neck Swiftlies and Dash Tights

The Pow and Pop Orange V-neck Swiftlies are on the Australian side of the website. I missed those yesterday, too. Also, a photo of the new Dash tight (Australia only).

OT: Kira Grace

Has anyone tried the new yoga clothing brand Kira Grace? It just launched in January by a woman who used to be an executive at Lucy. According to this article the material feel a lot like luon and is one thread away from lulu's blend. The tanks are pricey - $68 but that bottoms are in lulu's price range. Just wondering if any of you have tried it and what you think if you did.

More of the Latest

Pop Orange Cool Racerback, Ray Free to Be Bra and Faded Dot Embossed Wunder Unders. I was tempted to order those last night, too. The dot pattern faded oddly, though. You can have one leg with big dots and the other with tiny dots. They should have made the fade go vertically instead.

 Good close up of the Deep Indigo Slub Denim In Stride Jacket.

Pop Orange CRB with the Mirage Print Speed shorts.

NEW Dash Tights and Other Upcoming Items

I missed this last night but eagle-eyed readers didn't - new Dash Tights in Deep Indigo and Black with print inserts down the thigh were uploaded to the Australian side of the website.

 Other eagle-eyed readers pointed out some new other items - Int the accessories banner what looks like a new hoodie
 In the bags banner, what looks like a new jacket.

In the mat banner a new zigzag design on the yoga towel.  I'm not that interested in zigzags or blue/green pastels either but I guess I'll have to see how it's used.

Photos of the Latest

Pow Swiftly tank and Mirage print speed shorts.

Pop Orange CRB, Fossil Stripe Speed Shorts, Pow Swiftly and Mirage Speed Shorts.

 Bruised Berry Swiftly and Ray Free to Be Bra

 Mirage Print Power Y and matching Deep Indigo Groove Shorts.

 Deep Indigo Slub Denim In Stride Jacket

 Fossil Slub Denim Wanderful Pants

 The Mirage Print Speeds
 Mirage Print Flow Y, Indigo Diversity Wunder Unders, and Bruised Berry Bang Buster

 Pop Orange Cool Racerback and Mirage Print Boogie Shorts

 Paris Cool Racerback layered over the Pop Orange CRB and the Mirage Print Boogie Shorts. (Reports are that the Pow Pink Cool Racerback bleeds so I wouldn't suggest this outfit if you are going to sweat a lot.)
 Pow Run For Your Money tank and Indigo Diversity WUs
 Mirage Power Y and Indigo Diversity Wunder Unders.

Pop Orange Cool Racerback, Fossil Gather and Crow Crops and Ray Free to Be Bra