Monday, July 2, 2012

Website Clues!

Lots of photos of upcoming lulu on the website tonight:

OMG, love those pink striped shorts!! I hope a tank comes out in that print.

Photo of a new red/pink running jacket. I like it from these brief glimpses.

New print/texture in Wunder Unders/bottoms and perhaps a new mint green color is coming.

Is that a Power Purple No Limit tank in the background? Hmmm.


Wow, so many tempting things tonight. I ordered the Pow and Pop Orange Cool Racerbacks and the Pow Light Swiftly. I think the Pow Swiftly is a keeper for sure. Not so sure about the other CRBs. I was tempted to get the Heathered Deep Indigo Diversity Wunder Unders but I did enough damage for tonight. I also like the Fossil Bangbuster but I can live without it. However, if a Mirage Print Bangbuster comes out, it's mine. I also like the Om Your Heart Out Scarf but for the money I'd rather buy another Swiftly tank. What did you all get tonight?

Product Notice Goodies

Pow Pink Light on left, Paris Pink on right
From one of my product notice emails - a photo of the new Pow Pink Light Swiftly Racerback. I put it next to the Paris one for comparison. It looks a bit lighter but it's so hard to tell with lulu lighting. I still think I am going to order it if it shows up tonight.

 Mirage Print Power Y - super tempting but I don't wear Power Ys too much anymore

 Pop Orange Cool Racerback - think I am ordering this

 Pow Pink Cool Racerback - think I am ordering this, too.

Pow Pink Smock, er Run For Your Money tank.

New Deep Indigo Slub Denim In Stride. If they make this in a Define, I'm definitely interested.

Comparison: Flash Light to Pop Orange

 A nice lady named Sarah made this comparison for one of the lulu groups - it's Flash Light and Pop Orange. I read a recent fit review that said the Pop Orange CRB was kind of see-through and on the scratchy side. I think I'll still order it if it shows up tonight, anyway.

Interesting Bleeding Problem

Recently posted on one of the lulu boards - A Ray Cool Racerback (ray is a bleeder, unfortunately) with Senorita Pink bra underneath. Senorita hasn't been out for at least three years and wasn't a known bleeder. (I have a Senorita Scoop Neck tank and haven't had a problem) The general thought, and I agree, is that the Ray item pulled the color out of the other item. Maybe whatever lulu treats the fabric/thread with to enhance wicking? Anyone have a chemical background that can comment?

Ebb and Flow Crops Are Restocked and More Photos of the Latest

Mirage Print Diversity Tank, Gray Ebb and Flow Crops, Do It All Dress as a shrug
Not many new things being featured in the store photos today - mostly the leotard and the Cover It All Dress. However, it looks like the stores have gotten a restock of Ebb and Flow crops in Black, Deep Indigo, and Dark Classic Sport Gray.

A photo of the Pow Pink My Mantra LS from Australia. This is so tempting but the $68 price tag deters me. Maybe it will show up in tonight's upload.

Mirage Print Extra Long Cool Racerback, Pow Wunder Unders, and the Pow Lucky Luon headband. Someone asked me in the comments of my last store trip report about whether the CRB was a luxtreme or polyester CRB. I have to say I didn't notice on the tag. I don't believe it was luxtreme but the high poly kind. I'll have to check the next time I go to the store or if someone else can comment in and let us know that would be great.

More Wanderful Flare pant photos. I think I tried on the big flare pants the last time they came out and they were super long on me. I'd have to cut into a lot of the flare when I had to hem them. I think they are fun but not for me. I tend to trip on big flares like this.

Cover It All Dress

Spotted in Stores - Pow Swiftly Raceback

A Pow Pink Swiftly Racerback has been spotted in stores in Los Angeles. The above photo is of the Paris Swiftly but I would think Pow would be very close.

Also, according to people the upload is supposed to happen at the regular time tonight.