Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spotted in Stores - Pop Orange Cool Racerback

New solid Pop Orange (no heathered) spotted in a Canadian store. The tag has been moved to the side hem now. (BTW, a woman reported that her Pow Racing Length CRB bled after four washes so I would assume the same might happen with the new regular length CRB.) (Thanks to Ms. S for the photo.)

Update - Sorry for changing labels between heathered and solid Pop Orange. Some people are reporting their tag says HPOR and others says the tag is PORA so there may be two versions out - solid and heathered.

Pow Pink Cool Racerback in Stores! NEW Sun Runner Hybrid Pullover!

Pow Pink Cool Racerback spotted in Canadian stores!! Sunday is Canada Day so not sure how that is going to affect the upload on Monday night. I am totally getting this tank. (Thanks to Ms. S for the photo. Sorry for the watermark and hack crop job but I'm trying to prevent lazy eBayers from re-using the photo.)

New Sun Runner Hybrid pullover. Made with UPF Sheer Jersey, Swift fabric and Mesh. It comes in Pow Pink Light and Black. The back is similar to the Yogi Dance Jacket. Not loving this at all. I remember the days when lulu made understated athletic clothes. Sigh.

Brief Store Report

I ended up returning the Om Pants I ordered and bought the Bruised Berry Swiftly tank. Swiftly tanks have turned into my favorite hot weather run tank. I hope there are some more interesting colors coming before they disappear in the cooler weather. I now have it in Paris Pink, Pop Orange, and Bruised Berry. I also bought the new Bruised Berry Bangbuster.

I tried on the extra long Cool Racerback in the Mirage print and liked it. I wish this came in a regular length CRB because the most intresting part of the print ends up all bunched up on me.

I also tried on the new Pow Pink Scoop Me Up tank and loved the color on me. I hope some tanks that I wear, like a regular length Cool Racerback or Swiftly, will be made in Pow.

My store (Fashion Island for you locals) did not have the new Wandering Yogi Halter, WY Tank, or Perfect Tee. They did have the new Lucky Luon headbands in Pop Orange and Pow Pink. They did have a nice markdown rack and now all the rashguards are on markdown.

Cover It All Dress

Cover It All Dress photos.

It can also be used as a shrug (snicker). I can't believe someone else isn't making a similar style dress than won't weigh down with tons of excess fabric on your chest.

Photos - Wandering Yogi Tank

This looks very juniors department to me but then again I'm not who this was designed for. I've read that it look better if you size down.

Pop Orange Power Y in North America and Deep Indigo Diversity Wunder Unders

I forgot to point this out when I used this in the Om Pant post but the Pop Orange Power Y has hit North America. I hope the Define is coming soon.

Great photo showing the true color of the Heathered Deep Indigo Diversity Wunder Unders. I might have to get these. Shown with the Wandering Yogi Halter in Pop Orange.

Photos - Wandering Yogi Halter

Shown with Om Pants
Shown with Diversity Wunder Unders

Shown with Wandering Flare pants

I was hoping to see this at the store, too, today but no such luck. Pop Orange and Pow Pink Wandering Yogi Halter.

Perfect Layer Tee Photos

I was hoping to see this at my store today but they weren't there yet. I think I've read this tee is $58 but I'm not sure.