Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Scoop Me Up Tank Replacing the Scoop Neck Tank (Kind Of)

New Scoop Me Up Tank in White/Metallic Silver

I had a feeling the new Scoop Me Up Tank might be a replacement for the Scoop Neck Tank (similar name, only black Scoop Neck Tanks on the website) and now it has been somewhat confirmed on lulu's facebook page:

Lululemon Athletica Hi Vrnda,
Great question! Our designers have heard feedback that the cut of the tank wasn't something that they loved while the support was great! We are starting to see a new tank called the Scoop Me Up Tank which has similar features to the Scoop Neck Tank with a few changes such as the cut which is different in the back. The Scoop Me Up Tank isn't online but I recommend keeping an eye on product notifications for it's release. The Scoop Neck tank itself is a key piece and while we have seen it in the past for a few months with variation in colour, we won't see it with all seasons.
~ Siya

Some further comment from Lululemon indicates that the Scoop Neck will become a seasonal piece and is no longer a core item (one that is available all year long):

Lululemon Athletica Good question! So, we really have two main product types: seasonal and seasonless. Our seasonless styles are those core ones we see all year round, are offered in a large variety of colours and in our full size range. A great example would be the Power Y Tank. For seasonal items, there is a broader range - some will only appear once for a specific season then be gone and others will continually pop up throughout the year, though in a more limited run than our seasonless styles. The Scoop Neck Tank is the latter for our seasonal styles. It's possible we will see both styles offered together for awhile, so keep an eye out for potentially seeing more Scoop Neck Tanks.

It's a bit of a bummer. The Scoop Neck is one of lulu's most iconic tanks but also most copied. The Scoop Neck is one of those golden designs that looks good on a multitude of shapes and I hope the new tank is just as universally flattering. I do like the look of the back a lot. It reminds me of the Power Technique tank, which I liked a lot. The above photo is from the Los Gatos, California store so I hope to try this tank on soon.

Strap configuration on the Power Technique

NEW! Pop Orange Define

I am in lurv! From Australia - a Heathered Pop Orange Define. Hurry up and get to North America, I want you!

Another photo of the new White/Silver Metallic Define.