Saturday, June 16, 2012

Astro Crops Are Back (and More Photos)

It looks like the Astro Crops (a rare knee length crop) are back. (Maybe? The non-current color scheme makes me think it's lulu using up old material like the in Grapeseed/Lilac Astro WUs pants but I could be wrong). These are Heathered Black/White/Black.

 Some Like it Hot Bra and matching Shorts in Fossil/Seaside Dot.

A great photo showing the true color of the Bruised Berry Define. I was so close to getting this but decided I could live with my Potion Purple one.

Hot N Sweaty Skirt in Black

Seaside Dot Cool Racerback have hit the stores.

Head to toe lilac - lilac high noon dot cool racerback and matching  nothing to hide Pacesetter skirt.

Transition Jacket in action. It's not a bad jacket at all, just a bit overpriced for a lightweight shell.

Sun Sprinter SS tee. Those mesh panels will not allow you any secrets.

The dots on the Sun Sprinter crops show up really well here. I tried on the Flash Light Sun Runner SS the other day but thought it was more revealing (in terms of clingyness) than the white so it stayed at the store.

Now It Makes Sense...

Target Yoga Teacher Barbie

Lulu Yoga "Tiffani"
Now the lulu Barbie clothes thing makes more sense. Target recently came out with I Can Be A...Yoga Teacher Barbie. I'm assuming the lulu Barbie clothes thing was a response. (Of course, lulu Barbie's outfit is much better than the Target one.) Thanks to one of the gals on the boards that made the connection.

Photos of the Latest

Hey, what is Adam from the Newport Beach store doing at the Dallas Galleria store? I've been interested in seeing those polka dot Jericho shorts on someone other than the lulu model. I think they're fun but my husband says they look like boxer shorts. I can't tell if they are board shorts or yoga shorts. They're made of yogaboard material - so, both activities?

Another dude in the Jericho polka dot shorts.

I didn't realize the Bruised Berry Optimal tank had the faded dot embossed print on it. Though, when I went back to look at the model shot, you can see it there. I hope the faded dot bruised berry CRB is uploaded on Monday.

New Some Like It Hot Shorts, shown with the Pow Racing Length Cool Racerback.

The reverse waistband of the Fall quilt 12 Wunder Unders is Flash Light instead of the usual black.

Photo of the Faded Dot Embossed Wunder Unders. These are fun.

Ray Racing Length Cool Racerback layered over the Seaside Dot regular CRB.

Sun Sprinter SS in black, Seaside Dot Cool Racerback, and Flash Light Optimal Tank

People on the boards were commenting that the Racing Length CRB worked well for skirts since regular length covers too much of them.

Transition Jacket photos. The white is surprisingly see-through.

Black Sun Sprinter LS. I loved the Lilac one I tried on. (It was a roomy TTS and I could have sized down.) However, if I am going to wear a long sleeve I don't see why I just wouldn't wear a Swiftly so it stayed at the store.

For some reason, photos of the Bruised Berry In Stride are not popping up. The lulu symbol on the front has the embossed faded dot pattern but the rest of the jacket is solid Bruised Berry. Shown with the Ray Racing CRB and Flash Light Hot N Sweaty skirt.