Thursday, June 14, 2012

Comparison of Paris Pink, Neon Pink, New Pow and Old Pow (Update)

Here is a great photo comparing all the hot pinks. The Wunder Unders are Paris Pink. The two CRBs stacked in the middle are Neon Pink (the one with the tags is new "Pow" pink which is really old Neon Pink), and the rightmost CRB is old Pow Pink (aka, true Pow Pink). I guess we should called the Pows new-Pow and old-Pow to keep them straight. (Thanks to Mandy for the photos.)


This photo was posted on the Lululemon Facebook page today and this was their response as to why Lulu got the color wrong: 

Hey again ladies,
I wanted to get some insight about the variation you noticed in the pinks, so reached out to one of our product gurus. Colours can vary between fabrics, as they will react differently. However, if an item in the same fabri...
c from another season varies, the older item may look different due to the washing and love it has received over time. Also, the nature of neon dyes is that different dye lots can come out looking slightly different, which could also explain for this variation. I hope this provides some insight and I will be sending all of your feedback about this along to our designers. Thanks again,

 ~ Overworked/not-paid-enough-to-take-crap-on-the-internet-from-lulu-fanatics GEC Flunkie

It's Lulu's standard deny, deny, deny strategy until enough anger has built up then the big our-bad. Just own it now, Lulu. Say the new color was mislabeled.  

Your big fans, the ones with five-figure dollar collections, know their lulu. Treat their lulu tenderly. We don't let it fade. We actually have duplicate new with tag items of Pow Pink or barely worn Pow Pink and Neon Pink in our closets to compare to. We are not wrong. You are.

I know you all at corporate laugh at us because we are fanatical about lulu but since this is your job, you should be as thorough in your attention to detail as we are because, you know, you are paid to do a good job. Did you lose the fabric swatch book that has a copy of every color/print/fabric you've ever come out with? Did you fire all the old timers with institutional memory to save money? Are you massively understaffed? Do you treat your people like crap so you have high turnover? Do you pay cheap and can't get good people? What is the reason there is a lack of attention to detail in so many areas of your company? I'm going to blame Christine Day. It's time for a new CEO who believes in and knows how to maintain quality control. Ok, she grew your company through expansion (Day is a one-trick pony at this), it's time now to bring in someone who believes in good customer service and has a commitment to quality.

Spotted in Stores - Embossed Dot Bruised Berry Cool Racerback - Want!

I had my hands on the Bruised Berry Define Jacket today and almost bought it but I just couldn't commit. However, this I want! It's a new embossed dot (Faded Dot in the FDBB color code?) Bruised Berry Cool Racerback. The same faded dot patter is inset into the lulu symbol in the new Bruised Berry In Stride Jacket (see below photo). I might leave the tags on my pow/neon Racer CRB and exchange it for this. This was spotted in a Strategic Partner store in Northern California so no telling how long it will take to get to the regular stores. Sometimes it happens right away and sometimes it takes a few weeks. I hope it's sooner rather than later. (Thanks to Anna for the photo.)

Faded Dot print in the new Bruised Berry In Stride Jacket

"Pow" Pink is Really Neon Pink!

Left to Right: New "Pow" Pink (really Neon), Old Neon Pink, Old Pow Pink
It turns out that the new "Pow" Pink is really Neon Pink. I hadn't had time to compare my new "Pow" tank to my older Pow headband but another Pow fan has and it turns out that the new "Pow" is really Neon Pink. This is going to make buying Pow items on ebay really hard since they are both labled "POWP." (Thanks to Mandy for the photo.)

Racing Length CRB, Seaside Dot Power Y, and More

The Racing Length CRB is made for this woman.

The CRB comes to about the same point on me.

Some examples of the Racing Length CRB. I think it's a great top for petite women. I'd say it hits me right at my hip bones in front.

From an Australian store - a Seaside Dot print Power Y. I didn't notice this in the stores I went to today.

Heat the Street onside made of Tencel. The Irvine store had these.

 Blush Quartz (CRB) goes well with Flash Light (Define jacket).

 New Groove waistband. This is from Australia.

Sun Sprinter Short Sleeve. I tried this on today. It was very comfortable and there was no problem with tight sleeves until I went one side down to get a more fitted look.

 Transition Jacket in white. This jacket was better than I expected but it's not lined and doesn't have an ipod cord tunnel in the pocket. It was nice but not rip-off-the-tags-now lust inspiring.

Racing Length CRB vs. Regular

I hit a couple of stores today and will post more about that later but I wanted to post a photo of the new Racing Length CRB vs. the regular one. These are both size ten. The difference in length between the two is six inches. I ended up getting the Racing one in Pow. It hit about an inch or two below the top of my Groove Wunder Unders. (I'm 5'5") The spot where my tank overlaps my crops/shorts always gets extra hot when I run or do spin so the racing length is a good solution for me. I was torn between the Pow and the Ray but the pink won out. The Ray was more see-through than the Pow.